The story of a prisoner who slashed his penis and made headlines in The Voice last week was a topical issue in a bus from Selebi -Phikwe to Francistown. Some believed the man was bewitched while others said it was a matter of giving up hope in life. Voice reporter Phillimon Mmeso who was in the bus travelling to the country’s second biggest city listened to the conversation which went as follows:

FLORAL SHIRT: Heela, no ways The Voice! (laughing out loud)

STRIPED SHIRT :( shouting at the street seller) Please give me a copy
More passengers ask for copies

SOME PASSENGERS: (in unison as they burst into laughter) What!

FLORAL SHIRT: This is witchcraft at its best I’m telling you! Slashing
your old man no ways.

STRIPED SHIRT: He was under a muti spell! I support him, the old man brought misery to his life so he did the best thing by cutting him into pieces.

LADY WITH RED TOP: Ao rra! How can you say that? This is cruel.

SOME PASSENGERS: Cruelty to whom?

LADY WITH RED TOP: To himself. Cutting your penis, I can’t imagine the pain he
went through.

STRIPED SHIRT: Women sometimes amaze me, how can you feel sorry for a
man who has raped another woman?

FLORAL SHIRT: … and killed people also eish women!  This guy deserved this and the government must take a cue from him and start slashing rapists’ private parts! He has set a good example and a suggestion to the authorities!

LADY WITH RED TOP: I am a woman of God and must show mercy to sinners…

DREADLOCKED: Woman of God my foot! This guy is not a sinner but a rapist so he doesn’t deserve a penis!

STRIPED SHIRT: Yeah these are the wages of rape my sister even the Bible will tell you

FLORAL SHIRT: Poor guy he knew that he will never use the old man again since he is going to be hanged so he got rid of him.

DREADLOCKED: Where are the missing parts I read here that some parts have not been found?

STRIPED SHIRT: Great opportunity for those whole believe in using human parts for muti if they find them and I think they are powerful because he was a prophet!

FLORAL SHIRT: He was a serial killer aah my God even hell will reject him when he dies! And you woman of God be careful with your pastors you see what they can do!

LADY WITH RED TOP: My pastor won’t do that!  This guy was not a pastor but a bogus prophet and learn to read the story well before you shout!

STRIPED SHIRT: Sies you think you know English!

FLORAL SHIRT: Woah stop arguing about a rapist he has played his part or you want to slash your tongues!

CONDUCTOR WITH BLACK T-SHIRT: How can you argue about a man who has been bewitched you are not serious! The families of the deceased women bewitched him

FLORAL SHIRT: I agree with you they went to a powerful doctor and I want to meet that juju man.

STRIPED SHIRT: Yeah we need those kinds of doctors not prophets who rape and kill women in the name of God.

CONDUCTOR: He is not a bull now but a humble castrated ox!

STRIPED SHIRT: Just check him after few months he will be very fit and if he was a one would take him to the butcheries!
(Passengers laugh)

FLORAL SHIRT: If he was an ox the meat would be tasteless!

CONDUCTOR: You won’t know my brother The bus stops at the foot and mouth control gates and passengers disembark to be checked and the conversation is closed.

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