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VOICE COUPLE: Boago and Masego

Wedding bells for couple who met through LGP

When they met six years ago, through The Voice’s popular ‘Let’s Get Personal’ (LGP) column, neither Boago Keitshwaretse, 32, nor Masego Rambobo, 30, could have dared imagine where it would lead.

What started as a hopeful text is ending in a marriage, with the two lovebirds set to wed this November 18th and 25th.

Explaining how they first got together back in 2011, a visibly smitten Keitshwaretse told The Voice this week, “I was travelling to Maun the time I responded to the LGP column – I took the copy from a friend.”

For Rambobo, it was not the first time a potential suitor had contacted her through our love page.

This time was to prove different however, as the beautiful bride-to-be explains, “Many tried their luck in proposing love to me through the LGP column, but I rejected them. However, my heart pounded with love when I received Keitshwaretse’s phone messages and calls.”

After texting and talking over the phone for a while, the two finally decided to meet up in the flesh.

Recalling the aftermath of that first meeting, at Maun Old Mall, Keitshwaretse said he received a text from Rambobo, stating she was impressed to finally meet someone like him, to which he quickly replied that they should be in a long-lasting relationship.

“At first I thought the relationship won’t work because of distance, I stayed in Palapye and he was staying in Shakawe and that’s 900km apart!” giggled Rambobo.

Then, in August 2011, Keitshwaretse was admitted to Maun Technical College, greatly reducing the distance between them.

Rambobo admits that she expected the relationship to fizzle out and was doubtful that it would stand the test of time.

However, the couple took solace from the thought that there is no such thing as a ‘conventional way’ to ‘meet a true lover’.

Their love and commitment grew stronger each day and, in 2014, Rambobo gave birth to a baby boy.

Throughout the interview, the devoted couple send each other shy, tender looks; their devotion to each other is obvious.

Summarising the love story up perfectly, Keitshwaretse ends by saying, “I am happy The Voice gave me a beautiful wife. I will be walking her down the aisle soon.”

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