Promises to deliver a new Government Ward

With her huge and imposing physique as well as an impressive social media engagement, it is hard to ignore the political figure in Tunah Thakayapelo Moalosi Kgokong.

Having worked behind the scenes under the mentorship of the President of Alliance for Progressives, Ndaba Gaolatlhe, and other leaders such as Phenyo Butale and Margaret Nasha, she has decided to come out and be counted among women who will be contesting in the 2019 general elections.

The Voice Staffer, DANIEL CHIDA had an interview with AP’s council candidate for Government Ward who spoke highly of her party’s envisioned ‘New Botswana’ and engaging experts to run climate change and green economy programmes for the nation.

Kindly Take us through your journey in politics

I was raised by parents who were both active in politics but under different parties, but growing up I was never interested in politics until in 2010 when BMD was formed.

Like most people of my generation, I was inspired by the late Gomolemo Motswaledi to join active politics and fight injustice perpetuated by the then Khama regime.

You played a major role in branding AP on social media and made sure that it’s visible, where do you get the motivation and inspiration?

I believe so much in AP and what it stands for. I was inspired by our leader, Ndaba Gaolathe, who has the best interest of Batswana at heart.

Just like my MP Dr Phenyo Butale, our president had a choice to follow his career but he chose us as a nation because he has a clear vision of how the new Botswana would be like and what it takes to reach it after working together collectively ‘Rele Batswana’

Why did you choose to contest for Government ward?

I decided to seek this office because I realize Government ward has come to a critical crossroad and once elected, I will make sure the street lights are functional.

The city has grown considerably over the years, and we have now reached a point where it is time for us to decide as a community what we want to become, where we want to go and how we want to get there.

Never has it been more important to elect to the City Council a person who can represent your voice; someone who will act only in the best interest of Government ward and its bright future.

I believe I am capable of meeting that challenge and I look forward to the work ahead

Politicians can talk convincingly but fail to deliver, how different are you?

I have made it a goal of my campaign and when elected, to let the public know through direct mail or any other communication platform convenient, what is going on after each Council meeting in a non-partisan but accessible manner.

Back to your earlier question I want to add that as a former sales and marketing Person, I want our city to stand on solid financial ground and to receive its fair share of state and local aid in order to update the services this city council provides its residents.

Since our seniors form the backbone of our community, I intend to see that they get both the additional parking space clearly marked “for the elderly” and services they both need and deserve from the city council.

For students, I will make it a priority to make IHS (Institute of Health Sciences) environment more conducive for learning by providing facilities for “edutainment”.

People need a representative who will listen to all constituents and spend less time focused on their political career.

Why is there low participation of women in politics?

Women were culturally disadvantaged and overburdened with more responsibilities that hinder their competitiveness in politics.

Historically women have also been economically disadvantaged, so most struggle with resources that are key to any political contest.

I am contesting not only to increase the voice of women in politics at council but also to demonstrate that as women we are equally capable and can serve our people diligently.

Like you said, funds are always a challenge, so who is sponsoring your campaign?

I have supportive family members, elders and friends who sponsor my campaign because they believe in me and my vision for a New Government Ward.

Above all I thank God almighty for providing and giving me strength to keep me going.

When I look at people like MmaTshireletso who started from humble beginnings as a councillor until she became a Minister, I feel motivated and work hard to emulate her.

How do you think your party will perform in the coming elections?

AP is the government in waiting and we are going to perform very well because voters from across all political parties know we are the only party which can take this country far.

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