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I went to Game City two weeks back by taxi and my goodness what an interesting and knowledgeable ride it was. Because I took a “special” taxi, it was just me and the driver and so I guess the driver felt obliged to entertain me, customer service maybe.

Now you see the taxi driver was quite a character. One would call him a care free person, a person who knows life’s too short so he’s living it to the fullest, the ultimate fullest mind you. First the taxi driver asked me if I had a boyfriend and I answered him.

And then he just started telling me the story of his life. He told me he was not married and definitely not planning to. Being the nosy person that I am, I asked him why and boy did he have reasons. These are
1. Why get married if you can still have sex when single
2. He won’t get married because there are a lot of beautiful women so why should he restrict himself to one.
3. He’s a free man, though he has kids and a woman, it doesn’t mean he has to marry her.

You see when I got home I deeply thought of what this man had said. We all know that December is basically the month of awareness for HIV&AIDS and so I related this with what the man said to me.

If people keep on thinking this way, then we will never win the war against this disease.
The most disturbing thing is that if our elders think this way, then what are we the youth expected to think. I mean after all we do look up to them and expect them to show us the right way but clearly they are failing. If our elders think this way and we think the same way then our children are going to think alike creating a continuous chain that will never end.

This has to come to an end!! I know people are tired of hearing about the dangers of HIV&AIDS and all but these messages are going to haunt us until we change our ways and start being responsible. If not prepare to see banners and adverts everywhere until you behave responsible!
Other taxi driver news:
I am a very sociable and friendly person so people find it easy to talk to me especially taxi and combi drivers not forgetting cashiers (conductors).

So I took yet another “special” taxi from the station to school because I had too many plastics bags to carry. This was before we closed of course. Like I have said, taxi drivers are like my buddies so this one also openly talked to me.

Now this one was a Zezuru and so like the others he believes that school is useless. First he asked if I was coping in school and he congratulated me for going as far as varsity then he told me I was however wasting my time. The guy told me that school was just a waste of precious money and time because while I was going to be in school for 4 years, my peer who is of course a Zezeru will be making lots of money.

He also strongly believes that women are to stay home and have as many children as possible! Now this man told me that being rich is not all about education.  He said he was going to be one of the rich people in this country as well as his fellow Zezuru brothers. What do you think? Food for thought yah…?

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Find something that you like to do and do it well.Life is not about doing what we like but liking what we do.That’s my motto. If you like school, do a good job at being a student, but don’t hold anyone at ransom if they don’t employ you. The Zezuru chap is good at what he is doing and just because he is not good at dreaming of benefits of scholarstic education, does not give him the right to discourage anyone doing what they like. Many Batswana have no dream. If you ask them why they do what they do,… Read more »


@Rarefri, i can see you are an open minded person and you have really inpired me in a way. i share the same sentiments as far as folowing our dreams is concerned. one would ask, why do we go to school/choose the study program we have chosen, i am sure most of the answers will be, becoz mum/dad said its a good course. what about our desires and likes? The Zezuru guy should be asked why he is in the business he is on, i gues we will here thats what his father told him to do.

4ty 7even

Let the Taxi man do his thin. His time will come. He will that young lady with a breath taking beauty, whos going to make him loose all those theories. Evry man is killed by wat he likes the most. I call them 3 ways to a mans destination. Some men like money, some ladies, and some go for gansta lyf. Evry man in da world has his choice from these three thingz. They are alwayz caught in the middle. I can predict the taxi manz future from da infor. Hez gonna get old with no one to take care… Read more »


at least the taxi guy is honest!!!

Most of them….drive a Merc, make money, have a house and still do the same what the taxi guy does!!! The difference is only that he is uneducated/ drives a cab and lives may be a poor life!