The first piece I ever wrote about was “Let’s talk about sex”.  And I recently spoke about this on the ‘’Youth Affair” show on Yarona fm. I must say, this topic got a lot of different views from different people.
Some were confused as to why I had written about this and some were even amazed that I knew something about sex. This I must say proved the fact that people are indeed ignorant about certain issues. You don’t need to be sexually active to know that sex exists, after all it is included in the school curriculum.
Anyway I asked a few people what they thought was the right age to have sex, if at all it is about age.

Theo Fulele

Theo Fulele
Is there something like the right age to have sex?
It’s doesn’t depend on age, it depends on the physical make up of an individual. Some girls mature earlier than expected so it’s all about the physical, mental and emotional make and if you understand and know fully what sex entails, then and only then can you think you are ready to have sex.

Do you think that parents contribute to kids having sex too early?
Even if parents talk about it to their kids, the society has the most influence. Parents might be open with us but you may find that our friend’s upbringing is different to ours, so they end up influencing us to do things that we were initially told not to do.
The family just guides you on how to survive and live in the society. Whether you take their advise or not is dependent on you. So in a nut shell I don’t think parents have any influence whatsoever.

Kago Sepora

Kago Sepora
When do you think is the right age to have sex?
There’s never right age. However, you should be above 16 to even consider having sex. You should be ready mentally and emotionally. When having sex you shouldn’t have second thoughts, if you do then you should know that it’s not the right time.
One thing you should know is that your partner should not push you, he/she should understand when you say no. But if your partner forces themselves on you then know that they just want to use you.

What do you think about waiting for marriage until you have sex?
It depends on an individual and again marriage is meant for some people and sadly others are not ever going to get married so should they deny themselves sex all in the name of marriage? No! Sex is a beautiful thing, it connects two people in love, it strengthens relationships including marriages. So if you are in love and ready then go for it. But remember safety first.

Is there anything like the right age to have sex?
It’s not about age, if you feel like you are ready and mature enough then do it. Don’t just do it because it’s the “in thing” and because everyone is doing it.
If you absolutely think you are with the right person then I say go for it. But if you feel like you want to do it and your conscience is against it then don’t do it. Don’t do it for someone else, it should be from within. Know that one’s virginity cannot be taken back, once it’s gone it’s gone.

What do you think about waiting for marriage?
Most people who think like this are either Christians or Muslims. It doesn’t apply to all, what about those who are not religious.
It’s unfortunate that other people are not going to get married and others just don’t want to get married. Some people just want to be in serious relationships and have kids but they just don’t want to get married.
The world has changed, there are a lot of fantastic single parents who have done a great job raising their kids. Some even raise brighter and well behaved kids than married couples..  

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  1. any age above 16 s th rite age to start havin sex provided u knw wht u r gettin into coz once u had it, u wil nid to hav it often. mariage s mariage nd sex s sesx, two different things, here we r talkin of sex. nd there parents who contributes in children havin sex @ an early age, thy leav porn movies lyin evrywhr in th hous nd thy change partners lik their pants in th full view of these innocent kids!wht do u expct 4rm thes kids? mmualebe! sex s gooder…

  2. this is a controversial issue…ppl hv sex @ diffrent ages depending on wat they eat,wat they watch nd hu they mingle with…4 exampl children wud b motivated by th abov mentioned BUT cant say this wud b the ryt time…my say on the ryt time wud b abov 18…at ths age most ppl r grown mentally-yaa mentally this z the crucial thin 1 hs 2 considr b4 gettn laid coz by ths tym wed b hopin dat th ppz themselvs wud b sensibly decisv enuff.any age below dat z not the ryt tym,weda a form 3 girl z curvy n appetisin,it daznt mean gor shz ready…mafoko a kgotla a mantle otlhe.are ye koo

  3. the right age is anything after 16 yrs. Thats at least the age most people are mature enough to make the right decisions. Like some are saying its something that you should do when you are comfortable with it, otherwise you will feel used etc.
    As to sex after marriage, it is a good thing but not all of us can do it. It will be a matter of ones believe. The good thing about it, ke gore fa o ka utlwa e le nngwe fela o tla ithaya or re ke yone e monate e le nosi hence you will stick there

  4. People, dilo di monate o di dira ka bonana gona le o setse o le motona. ha motho a ntse a gola di-hormones tsa gagwe di a fokotsega. for example , nako ya ke le 20 years ke ne ke na le very short resolution but today its a bit longer. So , sex e monate ka bonnye. The response is very strong. Ha o halodisa panty hela go fedile ka wena. le basetsana fela jalo. so bana ba tshwanetse go experience dilo ka bonana gore batle ba itse pharologano le fa ba setse ba godile………….15 to 25 years is a very important period to make love

  5. life this dais is short, so why wait till you are old,when you are young you body is still active,and flexible.The only advice to youth is to play it safe everytime

  6. lol eagle, you remind me of mathakanyana ba ne ba sa tshware bana e bile ba sanwe bjwala at that age. They started late mo dilong tseo jaanong ga ba kgomege!

  7. Sex is one act that would have your blood flowing to all parts of the body and thats sometthing very important. You feel good and relaxed. GO lo moo go monate pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz people

  8. Go tswa fela gore omang? bt it matters on the physical changes of the body gore are you mature enough even about the age it should be above six-teen.Di-Bra le ba bone when it comes to this issues make sure you have proof before le wela fela majentse.

  9. To have sex may be right depending on safety and protection to avoid an unwanted pregnancy or decease. The psychological development plays an important role. A woman when her body is physiologically developed may have sex, but what about her readiness to look after children and responsibilities in a formal couple? These factors are counting strongly. After 20 years old in average a woman is ready to deliver a baby in combination with mental balanced to assume duties in a couple. Ready for sex much before than 20 years old but what about studies, personal balance in a social life, due an unwanted pregnancy may spoil many dreams and normal modus vivendi of a girl in a society where parents are holding a lot of prejudice about sex and to keep trust and good communication with children.
    Thank you.

  10. it’s tricky coz sum hav sex evn b4 thy finish t ther prmary skul,so 4 mi i wl say th ryt tym is whn u r ready to mak it,nt bcoz sum1 is forcin u to do it,make ur choice nd always do what makes u happy t th end”

  11. thats the time when one feels ready for sex outcomes whether negative or positive. Forcing your body isn’t the rite thing at all cauz that is the time when one is signing a contract with living tough life.

  12. The right time is when you are married mo gongwe mo ya bo ele go utswa hela thats y many pipol r born out of marriage from there ha thaema ere e kgalema the daughter gatwe o batla eng mo ngwaneng!!!