LEARNED HEADS: Nchindo’s lawyers and prosecutors at the Lobatse High Court on Wednesday

The State fails to file affidavits to freeze the development on the late millionaire’s plots
Full arguments on the state’s application seeking a restraining order on the land surrounding the criminal case of the late Louis Nchindo and his co-accused could not be heard at the Lobatse High Court on Wednesday as the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) failed to file a replying affidavit.
“This is just a circus, how can people do this when they are the ones seeking an order,’’ said one of the defendants counsel commenting on the non-filing of the affidavit.
DPP applied for the restraining order against the development of lot 55720 Block 10 in Gaborone, which is property of Tourism Development Consortium (TDC) as well as plot 3084 belonging to Golconda. These were Nchindo’s companies.
The state seeks to bar the defendant(s) from demarcating the controversial lot 55720 and selling the pieces of land to interested individuals and parties arguing that this can only be done when the marathon case is over.
TDC has spent more than P42 million developing infrastructure on the plot.
DPP’s argument is that in the case of the defendants losing the case the piece of land which they claim was fraudulently obtained will then go back to the government thus they cannot start selling it when  the matter is still before courts.
The defendant on the day seemed to be the son of the late Nchindo Louis Garvas as he was the only one present in court.
According to information at hand DPP was supposed to file the replying affidavit in response to the one filed by lawyers representing the defendants seeking to bar the order on June 16 but for reasons known to them decided not to.
This in turn did not go down well the presiding Judge, Justice Lashkavinder Walia who had to give the two parties time to discuss and decide on the way forward of the day as he stated that it would be difficult to proceed without the said affidavit.
Justice Walia later ruled that DPP should file the affidavit on August 1 while the case will again be brought before the court on August 10.
The defendants were represented by Advocates Peter Hodes and Paul Farlan fro Cape Town South African under the instruction of Lawrence Khupe of Collin Newman and Co while leading the state counsel was Phutego Matlhogonolo.

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magodu rona are lapisitse

Mbala Mike Mowa

This case should come to an end and I just wonder how much money the government has spent on it! It must be a hefty amount.


mantlwane a case e ntapisitse…


mantlwane a case e a ntapisitse…


P42 million wa ditaemane tsa rona bo-ora Nchindo ga ba senyegelwa ke sepe cos ke madi a bogodu bane ba ikhumisa ka di tsa batswana.


Well the problem is Nchindo ga aja le babangwe(other parlimentarians)otherwise this case e kabo e seyo,this circus wont end..and it wont bear fruits……….


the case wil chao our money again the gov shud put a hault to this issue




i agree with you Stue,this circus wont end and wont bear any fruit…the government is alredy spending thousands on this case,e tsile go fetsa madi.


Aah,ako le tsweng bo bananeng ba ga Lou..where were your fathers fa a wa a tsoga with the diamond company,bane ba diilwe ke majalwa..yo o sa jang cut ya gagwe o jelwe.He died a hero!


waitse this case yone ke game fela,ke go fetsa madi a gov fela! e tsile go fela mo phefong .


waitse this case yone ke game fela,ke go fetsa madi a gov fela! e tsile go felela mo phefong .


@hommie,he he he he he!

Taxpayers money + Diamonds revenues are just being wasted instead of sponsoring students for higher learning.Mmuso wa bahumi,lona bahumanegi le lebale ka mmuso o,you are still going to be poor gore kgantele le nne le di ulcer!

Name (required)

utlwa magodu a matona,a bo rrabone ba jeleng le nchindo gore ba a bo ba reng. disgusting.


o mmone kae hommie?lo bona dilo tlhe

Jr Mabrr

Die mane o one a batla go ja di-em bafetu ene o venne abo a taka.Nna ke batla di-bilone mens abe ele gone ke takang ke sena go di enjoya…. eisaaaa. Eish, mare gone ke sixty diedee ne?

Jr Majuno

Gatwe one man for himself and God for us all. O gaotse/he ate, abe a cheka bra Jeso life strait no return, gore a jajiwe ke Lorde ka sebele. Pac le ene o kile are Let the lord jdarge criminals.Gape govie o tlhola a re zalla ka nglonglo so why asa zale pleke since bafana a vaile? dintwana di tla iphandela seken-half-choice? life e fanana mmadibuseng like choice asorted. Gavie tsaya spache kagore o se kreile ka zaga and forget ka di ID and the rest aah, legomsha le takile le digetse spane le jurney.


i met Mr Nchindo in a restaurent during the holidays in Malawi. the vilian is alive.


hommie & cyrus maaka a matala ao batho.


a ene nchindo le dumela gore o sule. A ko le thuseng Batswana ba ga etsho. Go a belaetsa. Gatwe tlhogo ya gagwe ene e seo kana. Even the privacy e e diragetseng …………….?


he he he nchindo is alive for sure le nna ke mmone ko Zambia a iketlile in one of the restuarants…

nna i saw nchindo live at tatitown lastweek with motswana guy, his face look like mickel jackson i ask him whom are u he sad i m dead nchindo,i go back 2 him who is this guy he sad he is my wife. batho ba modimo re santse re tsile go tshamikiwa ke batho nchindo o a tshela, just imagine le fa ele phitho ya gagwe e itsiwe ke ba ga bone fela even le merapelo ya loso ene e sa tshwarwe.batswana are thanyeng re lese go bewa bobi mo mathong.


Batho ba batshameka ka rona.everone knows gore Mr TORSO oa tshela!


Golo fa ke mathata tota nd i don’t think this game will ever come to an end.ga go bonale ga gona le bosupi,go kgarametsanwa fela cause mme goa supa fela gore motho o teng…a gov a tlhwaafalele kgang e gore a save.Bana ba rona ba batla sponsorship batho!

hard core

this issue e a bora waitse coz ke go re tsisetsa mahutsana hela. magodu,bogodu….


ke lapisitswe ke di case tsa bo akgorwane nna ke bolawa ke tlhala. eish!!!!

letswai nameng

tota kgang e e a ntena waitse..nnyaa ruri fatshe le ke boswa jwa bo rra rona,hase moswi bbra nchindu…a kgang e e fele e tla fetsa madi..


a kgang e fele madi a botswana a senyega!!!


Gaketswa mogo yaga Nchindo, nna ke utlwisiwa botlhoko ke madi a puso a senyegelang mogo go rekeleng di ministers furniture ya madi a tsitsibanyang mmele mme batswana ba sotlega. maabane jaana gone go rekelwa yo mongwe ka P300 OOO.OO ND obo o ipotsa gore a bone diministara tseo adi bona go siame gore go senngwe madi hela a kalokalo a kabong a tlhabolola matshelo a batswana.


batho bao ke magodu a ma gololela,ba senyeditse mmuso.ha ba sa ntshe madi a o ba atlholelwe botshelo jotlhe mo toronkong


i agree wit you Karoo,dis case wont go any far and continuing with it wont solve anything but would waste more money for the gov..


I want to commit suicide, I m tired of this vultures. When I m dead I wont be able to here this nonsense. Nxa!!


Wena Nyobinyobi i am too show if i like you……..mxa!!


diz guys ba lemogile gore ba feditse madi a lefatshe already,so thy r spendin on usesles en smal cases tsa bo-Nchindo ka bomo so dat if questiond abt wat hav thy spend the country’s money on,a bo ba ntsha this sily cases!


nna le a re bora ha ncindo he nchido se what the fuss dis issue is gonna end mo phefong if he is dead hu killed him y is der no investigations like usuall bare ba bubi mo mathong


the only solution to everything and hope is BMD


sure me!viva BMD viva………………wit BMD,der we r muchin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Golo mogo nkgopisang ka this case ke gore ba ntsha batswana dimata and treate us like little kids. its so boring to hear about this time and again. they made nchindo win his game what else are they trying to prove???? its so annoying..