By Thobo Ketikilwe  


We live in a world of our own – a world where people look at things differently. People perceive things differently because perception differs from person to person.   This can be influenced by the environment that we live in, the culture and the people that surround us.   You may be wondering why I am saying all these.   Well, if you have ever entered the Gaborone Bus Rank from Molepolole road or A1 road, just by the four-way traffic lights, you probably would have noticed a big billboard advertising The Voice Newspaper.
The advert depicts a naked woman and just above this picture, there is a caption that reads, “The naked truth’.   From the first time I saw this advert, I asked myself so many questions as I tried to analyze what it means and how other people interpret it.   The Voice newspaper is one of the commonly known newspapers, especially for its infamous page 3, which showcases different half naked models. So, in respect to the picture of the lady I saw on that billboard, one may wonder if it was displayed there to represent the models that appear in the paper or what.

“Is this how the Voice showcases the models of this country?” I ask myself. Again, one may also ask themselves whether women are still viewed or portrayed as sex objects.    Obviously, our society views this advert differently. I once heard an elderly woman who had visited her son in Gaborone asking him if people in the city go around half naked. She even asked why people were staring at the naked lady on the billboard without giving her something to wrap her body.
This just shows how people get to understand and analyze things according to their own knowledge. The environment that we grow up in also influences how we get to perceive things. Just because the old woman was from a rural area she found it rather unusual and to some extent, offensive to see a picture of a naked woman. Trying not to be judgmental about the advert, I thought to myself, “It might mean that the newspaper is portraying itself as factual, objective, fair and credible. Perhaps they dig deeper to unveil the truth behind every issue that they report about.”
Moreover, I think the advert is also trying to state that the newspaper does intensive researches, thus bringing to the people news that are ‘naked’   So many questions are still going to be asked concerning the advertisement but the fact is at the end everyone is going to come up with different views.


  1. Advert eo e siame. Gongwe e tlaa katisa magwaane aa betsang bana ha ba ikaparetse mini dresses and hot pants. And if I had money, ne nka tsaa magwaane ao ka a baya mo New York city for a day, ra bona gore a batlaa tlhola ba lelekisitse some hot-chicks ka dithobane ba re ga baa apara.