The law is an ass
Tsametse and Onkutlule


Table turns on woman in court

A 43-year-old woman who dragged her debtor to the Mogoditshane Kgotla for a 720, 00 debt was shocked to hear that she was the thief instead.

Presiding officer, Kgosi Keabetswe Dihutso listened to how Tsametse was owed by Thato Onkutule since July 2015 for clothes Onkutule had bought on credit and then asked if Tsametse had a license to operate a business.

When the frustrated woman said she did not have any, Dihutso retorted that she was obtaining money from people unlawfully.

“We all know that if you obtain something unlawfully, it is theft,” Dihutso said to the confused looking woman who had brought her son with her to court.

Dihutso then advised Tsametse to register her business before she could seek justice on the matter.

“The court understands very well that Onkutule owes you money, but you need to produce proof that indeed you are in business,” Dihutso said.

The case was suspended until the registration of the business.

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