No Mochudi double act
So the playoffs are over and Great North Tigers have taken up the remaining slot. Pity ‘cos I amongst others was looking forward to a derby between Mochudi Buffaloes and us.  I know it’s not quite in the same league as Man U v Man City, but it would have been good for the fans.
As for GNT, they now have to strengthen their squad if they are to have any chance of survival in the premier league. As they found out last time around it’s a big step up, and if they are to avoid the ‘yo-yo effect’ of going straight down again, will have to entice at least five quality players into their ranks to compete on anything like a level playing field. For that they will need money, and that as many have found out recently, does not grow on trees. I know of the P100 000 grants and while we are happy for such new developments, it is just not enough.

Oris Radipotsane

Coke Cup
I have seen the Coke Cup nominees and I don’t have much to say on the subject. It is difficult to access when you don’t get the opportunity to watch many games, but I would recommend a few changes. Most award categories concentrate on the top goal scorers, I guess because it is easy to assess. I would rather look at those adding to the goal assists column, and award the guys who work the openings, often leaving the goal scorer with only a simple tap in to finish the job.
On the coaches I think Oris Radipotsane did so well to take a modest Motlakase side to the finals, but there are other unsung heroes whose teams were involved in the earliest stages of the competition before anyone was really watching.

Hard luck Bay
My commiserations to my homeboys down at Bay United for missing out on promotion yet again. You feel the pain more when you lose in a play off final, as it is a case of so near, yet so far. But people must not forget that the same David Bright won the league. I however don’t dream of being a coach at anytime during my career. When the team wins, it is the players who receive accolades, and when it loses the coach gets the blame. The guys are generally older and under a lot more pressure, so the stress gets to them, like Gerard Houllier who had a heart attack when managing Liverpool.

Back to business
Centre Chiefs will be opening next week and we are all looking forward to the opening day. We have all enjoyed the rest, brief as it was. I enjoyed picking my boy up from school and being a good dad during this break. Actually this was the first time in three seasons that I had any quality time off.

Against team reduction
I wonder why the debate on the reduction of teams is still doing the rounds. We don’t have enough games as it is. If we reduce the number of teams it means our workload will reduce and we won’t be that competitive even in the national team. There are 20 teams in the English Premier League, and I know they have more depth of quality, but it is better we keep the top league at 16 for now. No doubt the pundits will have their views, so I guess we will have to leave it to their ‘expert’ analysis.


At the national team we have been told about the dangers of doping. We know how we are supposed to behave. I can say all the players understand that it is important to mind even the medication we are taking. There is this myprodol tablet that some teams and players use as a painkiller especially for sport’s injuries, but it has some unwanted substances so doctors should know what players can take. If we don’t adhere to such sensitive issues, we may end up getting banned, and all because you took a pill for a headache.

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