Satmos affair


I love the way that team plays despite being at the bottom of the log. First round they scared us. I also respect relegation threatened teams because they play for their lives. There is no easy game. I wish I could play to help Centre Chiefs achieve their mandate. Individually I have achieved enough; right now I am worried about my employers and not bonus for individual awards.

One game behind

Obviously you can’t count your chickens before they hatch, like they say in Setswana, ‘the horse’s grass is what is in the stomach’. We will however play our catch-up game. The gap maybe three points and people say we are under pressure; I have to remind them that when we started the league we were in the same position so we went to the top by merit. If this is our season to win it we will go ahead and do so.


Cowel Habana

This is a welcome development; I hear that this week all the games will use the new ticketing system. The problem is that our fans enjoy last minute purchasing at the venues and if they don’t get tickets they will jump over the fence. In Europe and South Africa it is a different scenario because it is advanced. I can however advice them to buy the tickets as early as requested to avoid pushing at the gates.

 Battle hots-up

The league seems to be going in the right direction. The battle is intensifying every week. Players are scoring goals and goalkeepers are making saves, tackles are flying high which is the beauty of football. The good thing about this year’s league is that both ends of the league table are interesting. Fortunately I don’t know how it feels to be at the bottom end as all the teams I have been playing for have been on top.


I hear people are complaining about Botswana players on social networks, what I can say is that even top players still post on these networks and there has never been any problems. Maybe it is a problem for Botswana only, but such networks are supposed to make life easier. I am also healing and my hand can now make a fist which means I can start to fight anytime from now. So the Juju man will be back soon.

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