I’m getting there slowly, but surely, and I’m optimistic that I’ll start running again sometime next month.


I won’t be doing any exercises involving my arm for a while though.  It’s important not to rush things as I don’t want to re-aggravate the injury.  I am pretty hopeful that it won’t take me too long to get back to the level that I was playing at before the injury. My teammates are always checking in on me to see how I am recovering, which is a nice touch. I tell them not to worry; it won’t be long before I’m banging the goals in for Chiefs again. The worst thing about not being able to play football is missing out on the dressing room banter with the rest of the guys.  The pre-match excitement and tension is unlike anything else you experience in life. At Centre Chiefs we are a very close knit group and are always laughing and joking about with each other.  We are like one big family and I really miss being part of a team – the sooner I am back playing the better.

The fact that Premier League games will be broadcast live on BTV is an exciting development for local football in this country.

In the past, players in the League have had no way of marketing themselves but now, thanks to this deal they can. Personally, I’m just happy that my Grandma will be able to watch me play as she doesn’t like coming to the ground.



He’s the man in the hot seat, it’s his job and this is no time to be appointing a new coach.

He did so well to take us to AFCON and has a clear vision of what he wants and where he can take us. With the up-coming qualifiers for both AFCON and the World Cup just round the corner, it would be a step back to hire a new coach at this point in time. In fact it would be a big mistake!

Dipsy has sacrificed so much for this country and even though I would love him to carry on playing for the Zebras, I completely understand why he has decided to retire.

He is one of the main reasons the Zebras are where they are today. I have learned a lot from him, he always has time to help and advise the younger players, he really is a role model to us. If he wasn’t from Botswana he would be a millionaire. What can I say about Dipsy, other than that he is a legend of Botswana football, as well as being an incredibly nice, genuine man. His retiring marks the end of an era for Botswana football.

It was a good game for us even though we didn’t have any luck in front of goal.

We had the better chances and if our finishing had matched our general play we would have won. I watched the game with a mixture of emotions. I was proud of my country for playing with such flair and imagination and putting up such a brave fight. However this was mixed with a feeling of sadness, as I knew I should have been there representing my country as well.

Recently someone asked me who picks the man of the match award at the end of Premier League games.

I have to be honest I don’t actually know. What I do know is that the man of the match gets P1, 000, which is a nice little bonus. However, for me I am not too interested in individual awards, it is all about the team. It’s the team that pays my wages and so it’s the team that I put first, simple.

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