I am slowly turning into a deadly striker.

Mara Moloi

I think I will never enjoy playing in the midfield again. It has been a good weekend coming from the dead to score yet another goal. The race is still on and my teammate Mara Moloi is serious. The good thing about Chiefs is that they create chances every two minutes; so scoring becomes easy just like on Friday I netted an easy one, a simple tap in.


Although I played over the weekend I wasn’t aware I was on the line-up until on the day of the game.


The coach called me and wanted to try out this hand. The boys were really happy to see me back, they supported me. I have to say I was a bit scared but football is a game I had to take a gamble.


Coke cup is taking us to Bobonong, the residents call it Bob city.

I have never set my foot there.  We also don’t know that team so it will be a difficult one. What we know is that the team is being coached by a former Chiefs player Hlabangane Masire the elder brother to our defender Maldine Masire. It will be elder brother against the young one. It won’t be easy.


Ever since I competed in the Coke Cup I have come to realize that this is the most dangerous stage of the competition.

It is usually before the semi-finals when teams cause upsets. It usually get easier after the semi final or when we face fellow premier league clubs as it becomes easy to plan for them. With this the last edition of Coke cup we know every team want it but we are equally vying for it.

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