I knew this one was going to make headlines.To be honest with you dear readers, this is not my personalcelebration. It is a team celebration.The scorer seats on
the other player like a Chief whether you think it is Kgafela or whoever doesn’t matter then he dramatises flogging the rest of the squad who come for the punishment. Chiefs are kings
so why not enjoy the celebration.

Yes we had some issues with the visas but it wasn’t anything new in West Africa.We know these things happen so nobody cried while we were in limbo. What I can say is
that I have been hearing people talk about Lagos as if it is heaven. What I have seen is nothing to write home about except that there is plenty of rice and people
there. Even the hotel we stayed in while at Niger is better than what is in Lagos.

The Nigerian players didnt say much to us after the game They were a bit disappointed and couldn’t congratulate us for frustrating them. Personally I wasn’t afraid of them. I have always been a big fan of Nwanko Kanu and Jay Jay Okocha
so the team we played was just ordinary but they still have quality players like Mikel Obi, Uthuhu’s and Uche’s. It is only that we have a defensive strategy that is giving us results
and using it for our benefit.I hear people especially journalists think it is boring but what we want is results not just entertainment.

I am reliably informed by my teammates that Notwane is Chiefs’ hoodoo side.I am yet to see that because I haven’t played against them. We will be taking them under floodlights
tonight. The last time I played them while at Rollers I scored and I can only hope for that again. What I can say though is that we won’t play a goalless draw at Chiefs.
We are scoring every game and even this coming one we will score.

I have never scored 18 goals in the first round and continued with such great form. It is not like defenders fear me or something. The truth is that I am banging in the good goals like
they do in elite leagues. I am doing it like Robin Van Pierce and Mario Balotelli combined.Arrogance and determination is the answer to scoring goals.With the nine points gap on Rollers
I can say we can’t rule them out yet plus there are other teams besides them who can challenge us.

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