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I had a chat with one of my close guy friends a week ago, guy FRIEND being the key word there. I had an interesting discussion with this friend of mine, a very interesting talk I tell you. Now the talk was about the “guy code”, yep, the guy code.

So we talked about some girl that he liked but just to find out that the girl “doesn’t like him in that way”, she just wanted to be friends but, however, the girl has the hots for the guy’s friend. Ouch! Yah neh, what a way to rock a brothers’ world.

Me being the nosy person that I am, I asked my friend how he felt about this and he, though I don’t believe him, said he’s ok with it. In fact, he wouldn’t mind if this girl dates his friend. Then he told me about the “GUY CODE” that he apparently doesn’t condone. The “guy code” states that if you’re in a group of guy friends you can’t exchange or like or date the same girl. Ke gore fa ole squeza/tsalayame, o ka seke o tswe le motho yo ke duleng le ene, kgotsa motho yo ke mo ratang.

If you do this, I mean go out with your friends’ ex or a girl that he likes then you have totally violated the rules and regulations of your friendship, ke gore you should consider your friendship over! I mean just like that, a girl can come between boys, hommies or whatever, just like that. Ijo! Ke tshaba banyana.
I do understand why a guy would get upset when this happens to him, I would really get upset as well. But not to a point where I lose my girl just because of a guy… I think. Now what I don’t understand about this guy code is that what if you are depriving your friend of his long time happiness he’s been longing for. Don’t you think that’ll be selfish of a person to do so, doing the “If I can’t have her you can’t to, especially that you’re my friend. I mean come on, le fa go ntse go tweng, fa di go tlhotse di go tllhotse. Let your friend be happy, fa e sule e sule, a e lese go raga raga bafetu.

What’s truly amazing is that the guy code isn’t only found in movies, a lot of guys would actually go ballistic if their ex was to go out with the friend, ballistic I tell ya. Though a lot of guys wouldn’t actually admit it, they would rather lose a long time friend just for a girl. 62% of the guys I asked admitted that they would have problems with their friends if they were to do this. Apparently, as guys, you can touch and play with anything but not with the others’ girl, fa o a bo o kgotlile motshithsi wa dinotshi..

Come on guys, if a girl doesn’t like you and likes your friend, then let it be. If a girl has just fallen out of like/love with you but has fallen for your friend, then don’t trip. I’m sure it’s not intentional, it’s just well… you know… natural feelings that one can’t control… And letting your friend go, just because of a girl, now that’s really sad, not cool at all. Come on now ao! Let’s discard the guy rule gents…

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i jus went thru ths, nt lon ago jus last year nd i once met wit th couple unexpectectly, thy wer uneasy bt i said nothn concernin th affair jus tryin ti mak thm fil free.
mare gone um wara ka style! um tryin to cope bt its tough, nd th guy s stil mi nigar.


Help me with this one if you believe in breaking the guy code: If your fiance’ breaks up with you, will you be cool with it if he goes and date your maiden of honour or in the case of the man, your best man? I find that offensive to say the least. If you want to catch real game you don’t hunt at home, you go deeper into the forest and find yourself real catch. Not the one tamed by your buddies. So I personally disagree to the breaking of friendships because of lust.


mare ke [email protected],how u hunt mo dladleng,akere medi thnks o go bolaisa pelo,hardy calvi……..

the die hard

wht filings are u tokin abt?ther ar no fellings its js some thots an imaginations an tht nature shal it happen it wl allow ppl to share gals without havin a prblm!nnnoooooo!u dn share gals!u wer alwys ther whn i ws wit my chik nxt i c u wit her?wht does dt mean?i wll [email protected]@k some1 shud he behave tht way!