The greatest u-turn
Kgosi Masilo

The Botswana Democratic Party internal wrangling nearly turned ugly last week as some individuals within government decided to use their positions to stop celebrations planned for Kgosi Ezekiel Joel Masilo of Bobonong.

Shaya heard that some in government were not happy that former President Ian Khama was invited to the event.

Government then ordered her employees not to attend the event.

Shaya learnt that government vehicles were also recalled as the Bobonong residents were left to fend for themselves to prepare for the big day.

This however backfired badly, as Babirwa vowed to go ahead with the celebrations with or without government’s help.

Apparently the leadership reneged on their decision at the wee hours of the night and ordered the District Commissioner and some Police Officers to provide their services.

The government fleet was also released to help with preparations.

This was a very strange decision, and Shaya just couldn’t believe someone actually ordered that.

I’m just glad the leadership made a u-turn because Babirwa were having none of it.

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