The Gods must be angry
CROP FAILURE: Zim set to declare a drought after a bone dry summer

The effects of El Nino are being experienced across the SADC region but I will personalise it for obvious reasons.

On Monday, the Met Department announced that the rainy season was coming to an end and as such no more substantial rains are expected.

What a big blow for farmers, both commercial and subsistence, who were desperately hoping that the heavens would soon open up and breathe life into the already wilting crops.

Agriculture is the backbone of Zimbabwe’s economy while the bulk of the people, especially in rural areas, practice subsistence farming. But now that there will be little or nothing to harvest for selling or consumption, it means more woes for the already suffering people.

What this also means is that maize, which is Zimbabwe’s staple food, will eventually be in short supply and this will consequently push the price up.

Most people are finding the going tough and had the heavens been kind to us, life would be much easier. But alas, the Gods really seem to be angry as our problems keep mounting.

I know for a fact that most households would rather have mealie meal then struggle with relish – but this time around the struggle to have that sadza (phalitshi) on the table will be a sad reality.

It will be even tougher for folk in the rural areas as they are used to growing their own food. Of course, as expected, the government will declare a drought so that donors can come in with aid but it’s just never enough.

As already indicated, I know most countries also received little rains and will also declare a drought but I feel we are the hardest hit as Zimbos due to the already comatose economy.

A good rainy season and a good harvest would surely have been a welcome development and a feel-good factor but since the rain clouds refuse to gather, it’s just another sad chapter.

On the political arena, the opposition Movement for Democratic Change might be headed for yet another split as the party prepares for its elective congress in May.

The problem with the party is that no-one seems prepared to concede defeat as all candidates for the presidential position always feel they have the right to win.

Already there are three MDC parties due to splits as a result of personal egos and other factors.

If history repeats itself, there will soon be another split, as supporters of President Nelson Chamisa have declared that they don’t recognise anyone challenging the incumbent.

On the other hand, the current Secretary General, Douglas Mwonzora, feels he is better placed to lead the party while his supporters have also made it known that they will not accept defeat.

The two men have a long standing political feud and thus it remains to be seen how the loser will take the outcome of the congress but as already indicated, the formation of another party post the congress is imminent.

It may not be raining in Zim but as far as our politics are concerned, the problems continue to pour!

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