Councillor announces marriage to love triangle sweetheart in court

Mosetse councillor Ephraim Linga (44) has declared his love and intentions to marry his 26- year- old lover despite the drama surrounding their affair.

Linga made clear his intentions to settle down with Ogomoditse Motshwari at the Serowe court recently after his rival Afedile Ntaka (54) was found guilty of insulting him following an altercation over the young woman.

“This one is mine and I’m marrying her,” said Linga as he protectively clutched his arm around Motshwari.

“You can go and interview the one who called you here,” he added impatiently,his voice getting louder as the love birds hurried away.

Ntaka of Serowe who earlier in April called this publication complaining that the councillor had snatched his woman was sentenced to three months in jail, set aside for a year.

Asked by the court to clarify his relationship with Motshwari, Linga said, “She is my woman. I’m going to marry her.”

Relating the events that led to Ntaka insulting him, the councillor said when he was at Serowe FNB branch he heard someone saying the people on TV were happy like Mosetse idiots and when he turned he saw his rival Ntaka but didn’t know him then.

Linga said when he later met his fiancée at work he told her about the bank incidence and she revealed that the man in question could be her ex-boyfriend, Ntaka.

He said while they were still talking an angry Ntaka barged into the office.

“He looked at me and asked Motshwari if I was the lover and I greeted him thinking he was a relative. He responded by saying; ‘I’ve been looking for you and your penis’ while charging at me. He then went out saying ‘follow me so that I can go and kill you elsewhere you dog,” said the soft spoken councillor adding that he later reported the incident to the police.

Ntaka rubbished the two lovers’ statements and denied insulting the councillor.

Explaining how he ended up at Motshwari’s house that particular day Ntaka said, “Motshwari called me and told me that her child had asked her why she was hurting me. She further said she had been to Gaborone to buy some perfumes and I should come and see them.”

“When I went to see her I saw her getting off the councillor’s car and I insulted her saying; ‘you slut, how can you be coming out of this guy’s car after you told me you had broken up with him?’ When I saw Linga taking off his jacket I sped off and he chased after me at high speed. I was afraid because I thought he was going to bump the car which I was driving,” Ntaka said.

He also accused Motshwari of being after nothing but money.

“She has long been using me. The councillor made her pregnant and I was left to take care of his mess when she had a miscarriage and this man is just trying to get me out of the picture by falsely accusing me, that’s why he is announcing his wedding in court,” he said.

Ntaka and Motshwari apparently started dating over three years ago but separated after two years only to make up and break up again with Ntaka blaming the councillor for causing problems.

“Though we were having problems just like in any other normal relationship, things got worse because of the third person. She told me that the councillor had promised to buy her a Toyota RunX car,” an irate Ntaka said after court.

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This is just insane.

mahoota skhokho

the lady o utlwana le bagolo,dated a 44 and 55 year olds


Botshelo bo thata,gake mo tshwae phoso go sia le bagolo.