The fixer

Pensioner ekes a living out of repairing watches

Known as the oldest watch fixer in Main Mall, the Hawker in front of Payless Store in Gaborone has been there for more than five years with his tables and two plastic stools, fixing broken watches.

After being denied the right to education at standard 5, 85 -year -old Bennet Bosenyane has gone on to live his dream.

With his passion for watches and hunger for success, he travelled as far as Cape Town in search of watch making skills.

During an Interview, the skillful watch fixer narrated how his business in watch fixing started.

“In 1958 I trained for two years in CapeTown at Meloki School of watch making, I was a slow learner and failed to proceed to other levels. After that I came back to Botswana,”Bosenyane said.

Back home he struggled to find a job and went for months unemployed until he landed a part time job as a shopkeeper in a Mahalapye store.

“The salary was not enough to sustain me and my family so I found time on the side to fix watches. I mostly did this after work and during the weekends. My passion for fixing watches however grew so I decided to quit my day job and focus on the watch business,” he said with hands on the watch he was fixing.

Talking about some of the challenges he is facing, Bosenyane lamented about his poor eyesight.

“I have problems with my sight; I am struggling to see this tiny nobs. Nowadays I can’t fix watches like before. I used to make P300 a day but nowadays I struggle to make P200. Our mail order for parts also gives us problems. I order my stock from Cape Town and it takes a long time to arrive,” he said.

“People love my services, I have fixed expensive Swiss watches and with the money, I married my beautiful wife, built three homes, one in Gaborone, one in Palapye and another in Serowe.
With my savings I then enrolled my children in schools to provide them with an opportunity to get a good education.” Bosenyane said with a proud smile.

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