Cocaine and crack cocaine

Cocaine affects your body. People who use cocaine often do not eat or sleep regularly.  They can experience increased heart rate, muscle spasms, and convulsions. They have a high risk of heart attack, stroke, and damage to many other body organs. Snorting cocaine, can also permanently damage nasal tissue.
Cocaine affects your emotions. Using cocaine can make you feel paranoid, angry, hostile, and anxious, even when you are not high. When the initial high has passed, most people experience a depressed mood and loss of motivation.
Cocaine is addictive. Addiction for the drug happens very quickly. Cocaine interferes with the way your brain processes chemicals that create feelings of pleasure, so you need more and more of the drug just to feel normal.
Cocaine can kill you. Cocaine use can cause heart attacks, seizures, strokes, and respiratory failure.
Know the risks. Combining cocaine with other drugs or alcohol is extremely dangerous. The effects of one drug can magnify the effects of another, and mixing substances can be deadly.
Know the law. Cocaine, in any form, is illegal.

The Effects of Marijuana
Marijuana affects your brain. THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) affects the nerve cells in the part of the brain where memories are formed. Using marijuana damages short term memory and sense of concentration as well as ambition.
Marijuana affects your lungs. A single joint contains four times as much cancer-causing agents as a filtered cigarette. It has been suggested in research that one marijuana cigarette is equal to 28 nicotine cigarettes in the amount of carcinogens that affect the lungs.
Marijuana affects other aspects of your health. Marijuana can limit your body’s ability to fight off infection. Long-term marijuana use can even increase the risk of developing certain mental illnesses. Episodes of psychosis—hallucinations, illusions, severe aggression, and paranoia are associated with marijuana use. This happens with Cocaine use as well.
Marijuana is not always what it seems. Marijuana can be laced with other dangerous drugs without your knowledge. “Blunts”-hollowed-out cigars filled with marijuana- sometimes have substances such as crack cocaine and other substances mixed in.
Know the law. It is illegal to buy or sell marijuana.

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