Although most political pundits have dismissed Alliance for Progressives’ chances in the up-coming general elections, the purple party’s members are confident of a positive impact.

Indeed, the party’s candidate for Tlokweng, Chris Kgothe Oupa Bogatsu believes AP will secure at least 10 of the 57 constituencies up for grabs.

Although Bogatsu concedes his party is unlikely to obtain overall power, he is adamant AP will play a decisive role in the battle between Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) and Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC).

The Voice Staffer, DANIEL CHIDA caught up with the new entrant this week, with Bogatsu stressing his intention to help the Batlokwa reclaim their land.

What can you say about your opponents in Masego Segokgo of UDC and Thulaganyo Segokgo of BDP?

Segokgo (Masego) is a good friend of mine and I used to give him advice on issues affecting Batlokwa but I could see he has other priorities.

Before being voted he came with the UDC President, Duma Boko and Boko told people that he was going to take his gowns and represent Batlokwa in court seeking the land back.

But since then there has been no attempt to do that.

He lied about representing us and we have lost faith in him and his movement.

You can see that some people do change once they get to parliament!

During the 2014 elections, Tlokweng constituency was allocated to Botswana National Front and they owe us an explanation on how they arrived at electing a person of his caliber to represent us. I campaigned for him but now feel guilty.

With the BDP candidate there is nothing worthy to talk about because his party failed us in many cases and we are short of land because of them.

Your journey to parliament has become even trickier with the emergence of the Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF), which is working on securing an affiliation with the UDC and has the backing of former President, Ian Khama. Your thoughts?

BPF’s affiliation with the UDC will do more damage because Khama is one of those we want our land back from.

The Ruretse land that he is staying at belongs to us Batlokwa and so there is no how Segokgo is going to advocate for that land to be taken back from his coalition partner. I am having a manifesto for Tlokweng.

Kindly share it with our readers.

I want to see a new and progressive Tlokweng.

I am going to advocate for the return of the three farms of Batlokwa currently held by the government and it will enable the Tlokweng Development Trust to build a Trans Frontier Park joining the Madikwe Game Reserve.

Getting the land back will alleviate the problems of plots allocation in Tlokweng.

I am going to advocate for the return of two other farms in the hands of individuals and also review the Batlokwa Title Deed no 549 with government.

Remember there is also Ruretse, which is in the hands of the Khama family although it belongs to us!

Politicians have a tendency of talking big before elections but then failing to deliver on their promises once voted into power. Why should we believe you will be any different?

I have a track record to show and have worked well in developing the community despite not holding any special position.

I have been acting as an advisory for the Tlokweng Trust, helping them to commercialise all our properties and turn their arms of business into profit generating entities.

I have also found an investor to partner with the Trust to develop a mall with a stadium and develop 260 apartments in Sefhoke.


I also assisted the Trust register all their plots, of which they now have in their hands, title deeds and certification.

Working together with the community, I introduced the ‘Adopt a School’ program by business entities in Tlokweng.

I assisted and provided an advisory role in the implementation of the Tlokweng Master Plan.

With all that you can see I stand a better chance than other candidates.

I hear you. Nevertheless, your party seems to be lacking that killer punch that attracts people to its rallies, an example being the poorly attended launch for Gaborone South.

Yes I agree with you that we are not doing enough.

The Gaborone South (candidate launch) was well planned but we didn’t attract the crowd we had expected.

We don’t have funds to bring artists who can attract more people so we prefer house-to-house than hosting festivals.

We are sending a strong message to the people, not entertainment.

We are working on different strategies to go to the people and some of those strategies will be revealed as we head closer to elections.

With the current political scenario, how do you see the general elections going?

We are not going to have an outright party that brings 29 seats and we as AP will be the deciding factor.

I don’t know whether UDC will be there during elections but we are the deciding factor.

With 10 or more constituencies we will be the deciding factor!

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