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Having quit her job as a Corporate Services Manager at a local law firm in 2015 to set up her own enterprise, Keamogetse Cindrella Lekgoa says business has been like a rollercoaster ever since.

The 35-year-old’s establishment, The Edge Beauty Centre, which is nestled in the residential area of Gaborone’s Block 7 location, has endured many ups and downs in the last four years.

“When I quit my job, I decided I wanted to venture into business – and here I am today!” the Molepolole native told Voice Money proudly.

Quizzed on what exactly The Edge offers, Lekgoa, a Business Management graduate explained, “We provide massages, facials, pedicures and manicures.”

Lekgoa admits there are countless businesses offering similar services throughout the city, many of which can be found operating under trees at the bus station, and thus it was important for her to identify a target market.

“So my target market became the corporate people. I wanted to have a better way and do something that is health related. We decided that we needed a place that we can operate from,” she said.

Initially the venture began life at Molapo Crossing Complex. However, by 2016 business began to drop. This, combined with high rentals, convinced Lekgoa it was time to find a new home for The Edge – hence the move across the capital to Block 7.

At first the change in location did not have the desired effect and business continued to struggle.

“When I was in Molapo Crossing, volumes were high. Then when we moved here people were skeptical about the location. But as time went on business improved as patience paid,” said the mom-of-one.


Originally The Edge offered a range of services, including haircuts. After the relocation, however, Lekgoa says she decided to scrap some of those in order to become more focused and specialised.

Asked which service is the most popular, The Edge’s Managing Director replies immediately, “Massages,” adding that they are perfectly complemented by a relaxing trip to the sauna.

While the business appears to be doing well, Lekgoa says the main challenge she faces is unreliable employees.

“When you employ someone, it’s like they are doing you a favour! The agreement will be that work starts at 9am, and the person will pitch up at 11. We always have to call them as clients will be waiting,” she decried, adding she used to have around 17 employees but has since trimmed the number down to a ‘more manageable’ four.

“I only increase the number when I have a tender, which is when I have freelancers come in to assist.”

Commenting on how she withstands the competition in an industry that is oversubscribed, Lekgoa concluded by saying she has been able to build a sustainable client base over the years, happily adding that The Edge Beauty Centre competes with the best in the industry.

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