I wrote about the suing that goes on when married women and men find out that their supposed life partners are having affairs.
It’s always an interesting and entertaining story to when it unfolds not that I condone it or wish this to happen to people so that I get entertained, NO! This is not the case at all, in fact if I had the power and the will, I would make married couples stick to their vows and let death do them apart.

DON'T MESS WITH MY MAN: Women fighting (pic from internet)

Oh and not forgetting that I would ensure that people have hearts and stop wrecking marriages in hope that they too will get a ring on their finger. Ok, so I have noticed that we, the youth, all over the world, have caught up with our elders behavior of attacking those that our partners cheated us with.
We have caught up with this unfortunate and definitely unacceptable tendency of attacking the wrong people! I mean most young people when they find out that their boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on them, they run to the third party, the one who the partner cheated on with.
This my dear people, is not on at all, it’s actually degrading and embarrassing! I know this behavior is mostly common with us the girls, banyana re mathata waitse! A ko re nne re iketla (girls we are a problem). And this my people needs to stop!

So I talked about this on the “YOUTH AFFAIR” show which airs every Sunday at 4p.m on Yarona fm 2two weeks back and most people did think that this behavior of ours is certainly not on.
I mean you see girls tracking down “the other girl” and starting unnecessary fights, harassment, calling each other horrible names, tearing each other’s dresses and pulling each hair….. tjo!  So unlady like. And well, with guys, I really don’t know how they behave when they are caught up in the situation but I think they are less dramatic than us ladies, they always are.

I know it’s hard especially when you really love your partner, letting him go without a fight is just impossible, but you don’t have to literarily fight.  I mean think of the energy that you use when looking for the other person high and low, the precious lost time, the dignity lost, and believe me, this one is really hard to get back.
Instead of this mad woman actions, one could sensibly talk to their boyfriend or girlfriend and try sort out things, I mean what’s your boy or girl supposed to think of you when you disgrace yourself by attacking others?
If you feel the need to talk to the third party, rather go there with your partner and sort things out. But if the cheating goes on after endless talking, still there’s no need for fists, the most effective and honorable thing to do is just to end your relationship. I mean think of it, for how long are you going to keep on tracking girls or guys down and beating them up? Clearly this isn’t a healthy life style.

Though it’s difficult to resist beating up someone when this happens to you, you just have to do it.  I know it’s easier said than done because I know some people who actually swore that they would never get in a fight over a guy but when the time came, boy oh boy, did it get ugly.
Let’s act responsibly and not follow what we see happening with those older than us, we need to move forward guys, the violence isn’t on, ao! Remember to tune to Yarona fm every Sunday and let’s get chatting about issues that affect you and I.

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the other lady s naked! iyooo ka tswa ha kae! yooo nna mmeeeee!


what were u going to do ne 340omls?


Why does everyone go and blame the third party? It isn’t them at fault, but rather your partner.
The third party does not owe you anything, whereas your partner does owe you his/her faithfulness. So shouldn’t people rather take it out on their partners rather then the third parties?


People tell me….whose fault is it if the third party wa go itse…just asking

G. angel

u r ryt clairebare, dilo tse di a lapisa if he/ she doesnt treat u ryt just let them go o a bo a sa go lebagana. basetsana re itiga seriti e le ruri. if ur man cheated wht makes u sure he hasnt done it before a le gone ga ana go dira le yo mongwe ko pele. r u going to beat the gals up botlhe ba ba messang up with ur man?