I guess it’s quiet safe to actually say that the festive season is here with full force and people are most definitely feeling it.

CONCERNED: Tshepo Tshambane

Well most people are anyway, some are still behind like myself. Anyhow two weeks back or so, I had a chat with one of my good friends, Tshepo Tshambane, and she told me about an observation that she has made about this season. She has noticed that festive season is a break up season and this was quiet evident as some of her friends were either dumped or they were the one doing the dumping.

After she shared this with me, I then thought of some of the people that I know who have gone through the same thing only in this month. They’ve been tears and sorrow as some have been given the axe while some have been all smiles, mostly the guys as they have off loaded the weight on their shoulders by letting go of their girlfriends.

Maybe Tshepo’s right, maybe festive is the break up season, don’t you think? Now if you really think about it, most people want to feel free around this time, they don’t want to feel trapped nor do they want to feel crowded and most of the times, our partners give us this attitude, especially when we want to have a bit of fun.

These are not my words guys, these are my friend’s words, but yet you can’t help but agree with her, people who break up around this time usually end up getting back together in January, after the festive fever has vanished. Now this clearly shows that these breaks up were due to the excitement of Christmas and all and after it all.

I was then told that these breaks up might also be due to exploring, you know when you are excited you might feel the need to explore and try new things. Now these new adventures might be a festive girlfriend or a boyfriend. Don’t get us wrong here, we are not saying that people do this intentionally, they do it unconsciously, it’s like a passive thing that passes form one person to another.

We find ourselves doing all this without thinking, the festive excitement gets us to do things that we wouldn’t usually do.Now guys, there’s something really intriguing about festive season, it’s temporary breakups or new formations.

If you find yourself in a new relationship this season, don’t get worried about what I said earlier, now festive formations are just like any other hook up during the year, the usual excitement of a new relationship will be apparent so there’s little or no allowance for a break up, rather the excitement will be much more as it will be a mixture of the excitement of festive plus the excitement of a new relationship.

With all that said, all that’s left is for you to make your assumption and your decision. Do you agree with my friend Tshepo that festive is break up season? I must say, I’m more than lured, once again, my friend has managed to convince me, I believe festive is the break up season guys, with all the breakups that have been happening, this is the only logical reason that seems reasonable to me.

Let me know what you think, use the sms line above (16565) or listen to the Youth Affair show on Yarona fm every Thursdays at 1930.

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chama boi

yah dumping tym we wnt a new year wth fresh blood we cnt eat rice year in year out we need balanced diet gase koko ya setswana


Anyone who has been dumped during “that” “season” and agrees to get back together with that person next year,to me is the most dumbest and most desperate,come on here,the habit will always be there every year,so dont take them back,am talking thru experience,he did it first in April,and in September,and thought it was a coincidence,when he did it on December i quickly got what kind of person he was,its those “types” so i broke the chain an never got back with him in Jan,that was 3 years ago.so plz,my brothers and sisters dont let your selves to be treated like… Read more »

krispen maroi

new year new begginings……sengwe le sengwe se na le nako ya sone….