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  • Talking to kids about sex and spirituality

Tomorrow, Saturday the 7th a Gaborone based youth organisation will bring together children aged between 8-12 years old to talk about sex and spirituality among other issues.


Speakers at the one day Seminar organised by ‘The Birds and the Bees’ Youth Programme aim to equip young children with important information that many parents if not most would be shy to impart to their children.
Speaking to Mom at Large in an interview one of the directors of ‘The Birds and Bees,’ Carol Minju who is passionate about raising the children right said: “Parents can seem overbearing , teachers are in authority, and children have a way of undermining authority.

That is why we  have created an appropriate platform for children to come and get information on difficult subjects like sexuality, which many parents parents would find awkward discussing with their children.”
When asked what it was that they were offering over and above what children would learn from their school teachers, Muinju quipped: “Teachers won’t teach a girl how to put on a sanitary towel, how to insert a tampon and how to shave their armpits.

Boys will learn that when their voices change and become deeper it doesn’t mean they are about to turn into giants for example.”Among the speakers will be a representative from the Ministry of Health, a police officer who is expected to touch on issues surrounding child abuse and how to protect oneself and how to deal with it if it happens to you.

There’ll also be a pastor to tackle spirituality matters in a balanced manner, Minju said. The Birds and the Bees, which will have another Seminar for 13- 16 years on Monday at the same venue is going to become a monthly platform for children to speak out and share their challenges while they learn about growing up in a non intimidating atmosphere.

“Eventually it will metamorphose into short weekly seminars to cater for kids concentration span and to keep the information fresh in the children’s minds” said Minju. Parents and guardians who want the Birds and The Bees to come to their rescue can enrol their children by Emailing Carol @b[email protected] or phoning Minju on 72482 468/ 3959247.

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