• Moral education divides public opinion
  • Publishers defend textbook

There have been mixed reactions from members of the public to sex education in schools and the type of information that should be passed on to students.

This follows a story in The Voice last week where form two students asked parents for help in a homework in which they believed they had to find out about a variety of sex positions.

Although students misunderstood the assignment, as what they thought were sex positions were actually forms of sexual satisfaction, many of those we interviewed still maintained that the subject was not morally and culturally appropriate.

In the recommended textbook, Moral Education – A Fresh Start, which is being used by teachers though not yet distributed among students, forms of sexual satisfaction such as sexual intercourse, oral sex, masturbation, use of sex toys and looking at pornographic material are discussed.

In an interview last week, the Managing Director of Diamond, the company that published the book, Johnson Chengeta said the book was compiled to meet the needs of the curriculum.

Some general objectives of the curriculum include understanding sexual activity, understanding the different sexual practices and their moral implications and to be familiar with different types of sexual relationships.

Specific objectives of the curriculum include discussing the morality of forms of sexual satisfaction, explaining responsible ways of having sex, discussing the moral implications of having sex, the advantages of waiting for the right time to have sex, and to identifing factors affecting sexual negotiation.

Several parents and teachers have questioned if it is morally appropriate to expose form two students to such sexually explicit topics, which many say goes too far.

We took to the streets to gauge public reaction on the debate.

Segopotso Baiketsi,33

Segopotso Baiketsi,33
“Sex education is okay for school kids because they are vulnerable and they need to know what goes on in their lives as they grow up. I however feel that there has to be a limit. I’ve read about students being taught about sex positions or forms of sexual satisfaction and I feel that’s just too much for them. They need to be taught about the dangers of sex and they also need to know when to start sex because if they don’t they’ll start anytime.”

Moleshwane Reetsang, 29

“The biggest mistake is to hide the truth from children. If they’re not taught, they’ll find out the wrong way. In Setswana culture it will be difficult for the older generation, but these are changing times and children need the necessary education to keep up. We need to tackle the cultural bottlenecks if we are to create a safe environment for our kids.”

Gobakwe ‘Legusty’ Kebaswele,25

“These days kids are exposed to a lot of things and I think sex education is very important at school. They need to be prepared for the consequences and the best preparation is learning about such things at an early stage. But I don’t think the education needs to be too explicit. It’s inappropriate to teach school kids things such as foreplay and sex positions.”

Ronnie Lati, 42

“Sex education is not necessary for school kids because it corrupts them. There’s just too much western influence nowadays and people think it’s just ok to exchange sexual experiences with their children. That’s total moral decay and it’s against our African tradition. There’s a whole lot of stuff that our children need to learn instead of asking their parents which sex positions they prefer. I have kids who are still at school and it really worries me if this is the stuff they’re taught.”

Merapelo Moshapa

“This sex education thing is not necessary. Sex is an inborn thing and our bodies know when it’s the right time to indulge. What kids need to be taught is the fear of God so that they have some moral guidance. Once they know about God they’ll be able to differentiate between right and wrong. Sex education is just child abuse.

Mareko Sehulela,28

“Sex education is very important especially in the HIV/AIDS era. Kids are exposed to a lot of things these days and they need to be prepared for the challenges that life presents. We hear a lot of reports about teenage pregnancy and girls dropping out of school because of that.  I think it is time education on such matters is gauged to accommodate participation by these young people.”

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a ke yone lokwalo lwa melawana e supa ya go ja kuku


aah nnya jaanon le bare bolaisitse, ka moso o ta utlwa gotwe practical. batho ba modimo bana ba tsile go ikakola kuku


i agri wre ther z theori they shud be a practical i think ke gone fa kuku e tlileng go jelwa boatla teng

Letumile Lets Montsosa

Sex education z totali approprite,if u dnt teach our kids these things gues whr they r gona learn them,the telly,nd d tv sure cripple their minds bcoz its not evrithin which appears there whch z positive,ignorence will neva take us aniwhr Batswana.


I personally think teaching children these sexual issues as such a tender age is not only repulsive but void of any common sense at all..this is just an unnecessary burden to their delicate minds,at such a small age,children shold be protected from such issues,and informed only very basic information,such as dangers and risks associated with engading in sexual relationships,definatly not sex positions.at this stage children are just foolish,experimental,and no way near making any rational decions about sex,and its different positions..this will just have a negative impact,as children will simply just want to try the diferent sex positions they are taught..please… Read more »


Ya i understand that puberty is taught coz they have to be aware of the changes that they gon experience in their bodies. So is sex education, it is somehow good for them but i think it dont have to be so deep…ba rutiwe fela ka di contraceptive, feelings..you see. Le gale ka ba itse go re feta, they swallowed before they chew now its like they are being made masters of sex..


lebelela gore o ruta bo mang eng a mme r they taking as education, awareness or opportunity to do as thy wish.morobalo mo baneng nnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!



Chris M

I haven’t seen or read this book but from what has been said, this book has nothing good to teach such minors of 12 to 16 years! It is a disgusting book full of pornographic perversions that only teaches minors all kids sickening stuff before they even fully understand their own bodies and its developmental changes. These are minors that parents are usually advised to monitor what they see or read on magazines, papers and the web to protect them. This book is not about human anatomy and good information about sexually transmitted illnesses and how to avoid contracting them.… Read more »


bana ba tsile go ja kuku bosutlha ee,,,

i thought parents wil disagree with the syllabus but if they agree with it nw they are giving children da opportunity ya go ja kuku sentle ba PHUTHULOGILE nd some students are going to end up raping other students or even teachers ba mazothi becoz kuku e monate ene ena le kgogedi e ntsi towards teenagers nd da worst part is dat they can’t control NOPA. EVEN AT HOMES BA GOFELELA BA JA BANA BA DINEXT DOOR, SO PLIZ STOP SEX EDUCATION ON STUDENTS BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!!


even thou we are looking forward to vision 2016 an educated nation this is not the rite ways to educate guys.lets try and make things simple and undestandable to our kids.we all no that moe its a subject there to mould our kids discipline them bt now it turning into something dat we didnt expect of it.awareness its allowed bt not in this way wat do this guys at their aged no about satisfaction wat message r we trying to send to them are we building the future generation or creating rapist,prostitutes,lesbians,gays ,marriage rackers coz they wil be looking for… Read more »


Waitse rona ma eighty something le ma seventy sumthing re fitlhetswe dilo tsa mathata ka nako ya rona, a ga egane bana ba feilela pele ke go rutwa ka merobalo mme ba le good mo bokaung le mo bokgarebeng! A jaanong matichara a bone a ba tla experimenta kana this is the main reason why bana ba jola ba ise ba fatlhoge ebile ba claima gore ba frestana go gabisa batsadi. Nna e kgang ke santse ke tla e tseela kgato eseng go leseletsa my only girl child Katlego to go into this subject, moral ya bone ke ya eng… Read more »


Tlhe skim sa lebandla la the voice nkamogeleng ke mosha in this column, fa lo rata legone, you may reply my comment ka morale o wa go ja kuku, ke batla renne re seka seka dilo tse setsadi re ntse re tlhodumela magatwegatwe, nna ke mosimane wa ko S.G.G mmina phala o sa tshabeng go phantsha ka issue tsa morobalo, ka motlhatlheleladithuto gape ka tsa dikobo ke kopa ma14 a ne a kopa thuso ya diassignment mo go nna!