Judge Lesetedi

*League likely to be delayed further
Security Systems Football Club is set to fight tooth and nail to save their Premier League status. The league rookies lost their case against Botswana Football Association on Wednesday and have vowed to appeal Judge Isaac Lesetedi’s ruling.
The clubs’ court application to be reinstated to the Premier League and the Botswana Football Association was dismissed with costs.  Systems’ Vice Chairman Tumagole Tumagole told Voice Sport that they would be appealing the judgment.
Any appeal is likely to have an impact on the league as in their dismissed application they had sought for the league proceedings to be halted until their matter was heard. In their submissions Systems argued that the BFA National Executive Committee had not given them a hearing upon receiving a letter on 1 August that the team, together with five others, had not paid their affiliation fee.

Judge Lesetedi in his ruling pointed to Article 13 of the BFA constitution, which states that ‘the membership of the Premier League, First Division(North and/or South), any Regional Association or any club whose subscriptions and/or membership fees remain unpaid after the 10thAugust in any calendar year, shall lapse and terminate with effect from the 11th August that year.’
Lesetedi pointed out that in his view that alone settled the issue of the applicant’s status.
He also argued that the constitution did not provide for anyone to remind clubs about their subscriptions.
“It is up to affiliates to ensure that everything is in order. Accepting the said clubs back under certain conditions as stipulated in the second letter from the Gaborone Region will mean BFA will be violating its own constitution,” he said.
Last week the Gaborone Region had written a letter to the NEC through their Chairman Albert Gaopelo, recommending that the teams be pardoned and fined.
The other team in the premier league that lost its status, Police X1 has since taken up their issue with the BFA structures, and the matter will be heard by the Disciplinary Committee.

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