Monday is Valentine’s Day, it is also the day that an Art of Living course starts in Francistown. Love is the Divine energy that connects the two.

The life-changing course is open to the public and involves a commitment of two hours a day from Monday to Saturday. We include the testimony of one joyful participant, Dorcas Molefe a teacher at Tonota College of Education, as evidence that it works.

“The Art of Living basic course is a wonderful adventure that is so out of this world no words can adequately describe the joy it has brought me. Only individual experience will bring you the same feeling of inner peace – words can only scratch the surface.

When I first heard of the course I was totally ignorant of what I could be taught about breathing. I thought that it was only a technique used by athletes. I then convinced myself to be ‘open-minded’ and go for the experience.

At that stage I reasoned with myself that no one could advertise and say they can teach people how breath can reduce stress and open up a new dimension to life if there wasn’t some merit in the method. So obviously there was something worthwhile out there that I do not know about.  It is just unfortunate that the average human mind tends to define the world and knowledge and limit it to what one already knows.

As for meditation, I had read much about it and its benefits but had not learnt the how to incorporate it into my life. I had not known where to do it as the only groups that I knew that were doing it were religious groups to which I did not belong.  I was pleased to find that AOL was a course offered to people across all walks of life and of different religious backgrounds. Since I attended the first course I have not ceased to attend the weekly follow-up sessions as it enhances the quality of my life, gives me complete calmness and harmony.

I am a woman with multiple roles, career wise and socially, as a lecturer at Tonota College of Education, poet, researcher, writer, parent, and leader of a busy life.  I found the course a powerful tool that has brought me health, calmness and harmony, enabling me to then have the energy and focus for all of these roles. It is one of life’s precious gifts.

The course benefits are multiple including good sleep, good health, ways of dealing with stress, the teachings of positive living, eating, improved relations, increased awareness, focus and maintaining creative energy levels.

Despite being skeptical about the benefits, the testimonies of others who have undergone the six-day transformations in their lives are amazing. Having done the course and having enjoyed it and experienced the benefits, sharing the experience is the one best thing I could do for my community. Not to urge you to do the same would be selfish of me.”


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