The arrest of Isaac Kgosi
UNDER HEAVY ESCORT: Kgosi with DIS agents

How did we reach the ‘Breaking Point’?

The swift arrest of the former spy chief; Isaac Kgosi has cemented the trust that the public should have in the intelligence community after media reports depicted a polarized institution with some working for the former regime, while salaried by the current administration.

If that was in doubt, then the smooth operation speaks to the tremendous agility with which the current head of the directorate executes business.

Either way, the Mokgweetsi Masisi’s administration has scored big on the night of Tuesday – one to be remembered in the annals of history.

Celebrated journalist – Sonny Serite broke the story at about nine on Facebook.

Hordes of reporters camped at the Sir Seretse Khama International Airport, where upon arrival; the sleuths pounced on Kgosi, who in his earnest demeanour was fairly shocked as he was affronted by the level of operation of officers on a mission to keep him under arrest in front of his family from a holiday.

He blurted out statements that revealed him as a man still in charge, evidently displaying a chip on his shoulder.

He quickly read sinister motives into the whole episode as ringing with the intention to cause him public embarrassment.

Repeatedly, he reminded the agents who displayed the warrant of arrest that their goal was to embarrass him.

The icing on the pudding was when Kgosi described his hands as too big to be cuffed, literally implying that the adjustable handcuffs could not size him right, while figuratively, Kgosi meant that he was not the type to be handcuffed in full view of spectators.

This reasoning was reminiscent of George Orwell’s classic novel; The Animal Farm, whereupon Kgosi was trying to intimidate officers in the line of duty that we might all be citizens, but there were those whose hands should not feel the metal piece clicking against their flesh, and that he belonged to that group.

The body language of Kgosi and the agents surrounding him spoke loud and clear.

He felt he is larger than life, but it was also that agents were not in their best confidence to keep him in check until the Director-General Peter Fana Magosi showed up.

The gentleman that he is, he lowered his voice advising Kgosi to cooperate with men discharging their duties as directed by law.

“Fana, is it you causing for all this to happen to me? Fana, why did you invite members of the press? Fana, you relish in embarrassing me?” Kgosi in total disbelief asked.

It is inaudible as to what the response of the director general is to all these pointed questions because for him; duty must be carried out and he chose to remain as calm and professional as he ought to.

It seemed clear that Kgosi begged sympathy to be displayed towards him; the same sympathy he did not show others suspected of breaking the law during his term at the helm.

Sonny Serite said of Kgosi: “His pleas really got to me, and I found myself sympathizing with him. I felt for the poor guy. But then I remembered that here was the man who gave instructions for my arrest and did not care about how I felt at the time. Life is unpredictable.”

Emang Bokhutlo echoed similar sentiments; “What an emotional night we have in Botswana! I could not bring myself to taking more pictures once his daughter broke down – I died inside with that girl, I felt it was my own child hugging me.”

The humane sense is what Kgosi seemed to lack while at the DIS, and those who crossed his line had horrendous tales to share.

The arrogance by Kgosi is best captured in the Mmegi footage when he threatens to topple the government because he is being pushed far and beyond the limits of his patience.

As one who occupied such a strategic position before, the nation expected not much less than what Kgosi uttered; the basis of a treason charge that he most likely has attracted in addition to tax evasion.

Kgosi tried his best to call the shots, demanding from agents to play to his plot.

He insisted on sitting up front and won’t take any instruction to be sandwiched between officers escorting him to his overnight jail stint.

Again, it took Magosi to put him in his right place. Then, he snapped: “You guys are forcing me to do things that I never thought I could do, I am telling you. I am going to topple this government, I am telling you…”

The lexical meaning of “topple” when used in the circle of political power can mean the opposition parties vowing to seize power at the polls, or by means of a coup.

Now, when the statement is uttered by one who is consistently seeing the government as harassing him as Kgosi and blurting out against the backdrop of a tense circumstance as a shocking arrest upon landing – “topple” means the employ of military force to oust the legitimate government.

What remains to be seen is to measure the strength of Kgosi’s military force and from where such emerges.

If this utterance was meant to intimidate the agents, it remains the most irresponsible and treasonous statement.

Let the experts of law decide on the import of such a statement in a charged atmosphere on Tuesday night.

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