An epic travel expedition by two Photo Journalist Thalefang Charles and Pako Lesejane through the Okavango River and Delta from Shakawe to Maun started on Monday morning with the team getting lost in the water channels.

Charles said that getting lost was one of the many challenges they were expecting to encounter throughout their 17 days expedition. “We are getting into the wildness and we expect more challenges than we had already experienced.”

He said that their passion and dedication would see them through.

Charles added that the main objective of their trip was to promote the Okavango Delta and celebrate its UNESCO Wold Heritage listing.

READY TO PADDLE: Charles, Lesejane and Malebe
READY TO PADDLE: Charles, Lesejane and Malebe

He also encouraged locals to make use of the delta and make some gains from it.

As part of their travel they will be meeting community leaders like Chiefs and traditional doctors to have more background about the delta.

“We want those outside to get to know the delta through the eyes of Batswana hence we engaged a tour guide who has knowledge about it.”

The tour guide, Goitseone Monnawaphuthego(30) from Eretsha is the owner of Histrokavango which specialises in mokoro trips and camping sites.

Monnawaphuthego says that having been born and bred in the delta, he turned professional two years ago so that he could operate legally.

He said that the trip with the two travellers was going to market the delta in a positive way and improve lifestyles of those living along it. “We will come across crocodiles, hippos, snakes and many dangerous animals on the way but with my experience on how to handle such animals we will make it.”

Shooting the documentary is Tebogo Jerald Malebe of Timeline productions. With more than 10 years in the Video production industry, Malebe says he is proud to be part of the team though it is his first time to travel using mokoro. “I have been shooting human wildlife conflict documentaries and music videos but never experienced what we are doing now,” he added.

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