Thabo Masilo admits to murder

Murder accused, Thabo Masilo, has admitted to the infamous murder of a St Josephs College student, Tshepang Motlhabane, in Gaborone’s Phase IV location five years ago.

Speaking for the first time ever since the gruesome incident back in November 2012, Masilo gave unsworn evidence when he told Justice Abednego Tafa that Motlhabane was his girlfriend and that he killed her in the heat of an argument.

Masilo says that on the fateful day the deceased who was then a Form 5 student at St Josephs College, had invited him over to her house in Phase IV because she had told him that ‘she was home alone.’

He told court that it had been a normal day between the two ‘lovers’ and that things turned nasty when he enquired about the money that he had lent Motlhabane as well as the cellphone she had borrowed.

Masilo says when lending the deceased money he had indicated to her that it was his transport money and that he would need it back.

According to him, the argument became intense when the two were inside the kitchen.

During the quarrel, Masilo says, he snatched Motlhabane’s cellphones and that she retaliated by grabbing his private parts.

Acting in pain Masilo says he then hastily grabbed one of the knives lying in the kitchen and stabbed her, all in the effort to get her away from him.

The wounded Motlhabane, according to Masilo, then ran to the living room where she was able to press the security panic button before she went to the nearest room where she locked herself up and waited for help.

According to Masilo, as he tried to run from the scene after realizing what ‘an innocent argument between lovers’ had turned into, he was met by a mob of angry people outside the house.

He says that he ran back inside the house where he hid in the ceiling.

Masilo says he fell off from the ceiling and that at the time the security guards had broken inside the house and gave him a few lashes before demanding that he confess to robbing, raping and injuring the girl.

He however says he only took off his clothes, as seen on the widely circulated social media picture, because as he was planning his escape he did not want to be seen wearing clothes covered in blood.

Contradicting Masilo’s version of events, a Security Systems driver, Andrew Pule, who responded to the panic call, says they received the warning at around 1418 hrs that day.

He says the panic alarm came from a house in Phase IV where they knocked at the door of the house but there was no response.

Pule says they tried all the doors but they were locked. He says as they patrolled around the house they noticed patches of blood on the sitting room window.

He says as they went around the house they noticed a middle aged girl inside one of the bedrooms who was trying to tell them what happened but failed.

He says they noticed blood oozing out on top of the girls’ right eye area.

Another Security supervisor at Security Systems, Gabapelo Onneng, also testified that they then broke into the room where the deceased was and managed to take her to the hospital.

Onneng says after the owner of the house arrived, they heard unusual sound before they heard something falling down inside the house.

When they looked round the house they found Masilo and together with his colleagues, they apprehended him and took him to the police station.

At the scene, Masilo allegedly confessed that he drank some chemical as he knew he had committed a serious offence by stabbing the deceased and that he wanted to commit suicide.

Meanwhile, a photojournalist who took the dramatic picture at the scene of crime is expected to give evidence in court when the case resumes in June this year.

Masilo is currently serving a 10-year jail sentence after he was convicted early in 2015 by Village Chief Magistrate Lenah Oahile-Mokibe for raping and robbing another woman in Phase IV .

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