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The Botswana Tertiary Education Council Fair which was first introduced in 2010 is on again this year and will take place from March 23 to 26 at Ditshupo Hall, Gaborone.

It will be held under the theme “The tertiary education: Shaping your future”

The fair will bring together various stakeholders among them tertiary education current and future students, tertiary education providers/institutions, regulatory bodies, government departments and private sector businesses.

Its central goal is to provide information, create opportunity for dialogue between the different stakeholders and assist the learners, in particular, to make informed decision concerning their programme choices.

Exhibitors will include Tertiary Education Institutions (TEIs), financial institutions which are increasingly called upon to introduce student financial aid schemes, private businesses, parastatal organizations and relevant government departments.

In a statement, Project Manager, Faith Rapuleng said Botswana has increasingly come to accept tertiary education as a critical driver of the country’s major goal of economic diversification and global competitiveness.

“By approving the new Tertiary Education Policy (TEP) in 2008 and the Human Resource Development Strategy in 2009 the Government has made a strategic move to replace diamonds and mineral in general by human skills as a more reliable and sustainable economic and social development strategy. Through both Vision 2016 and the current National Development Plan 10 (2010 – 2016) Botswana has further committed to creating an “Educated and Informed Nation” where the population will have access to information and knowledge that they need to make informed decisions on their lives.”

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