Teenage gang terrorises Maun
NARROW ESCAPE: Sahema's bruised face and bloodied David

*Bloodthirsty mob put two men in hospital

*Community living in fear *’We want the boys dead’ complains one fed-up parent

A mob of teenage boys, who have reportedly been terrorising Maun residents for weeks, nearly killed two men in a vicious, unprovoked attack on Saturday night.

23-year-old David David and Thulaganyo Sahema, 27, who were beaten to a bloody pulp, insist they are lucky to be alive, escaping death ‘by a whisker’.

The incident, which took place at Ema Reje complex in Boseja Ward at around midnight, left David needing ten stitches to the head.

It could have been a lot worse.

David suspects the mob, which he described as ‘young boys’, used a softball bat to whack him over the head.

Narrating his ordeal to The Voice, David explained he was with friends when the ‘terror hit’.

“Out of nowhere people started shouting ‘makutwana ke ao’ and that’s when the endless stones started flying in the air. Before I could react, I felt two heavy blows on my head,” revealed David, adding that, with blood streaming down his face, he took refuge in his car with his two mates.

“Self-defence was unlikely because those boys were many. If I did not have a car they would have assaulted me to death, as they were all aggressive. The sad thing is I don’t know what they wanted,” he continued quietly.

According to David, the young gang then started rocking his car, hitting it with bats and stones and smashing the windows.

As David and his two friends screamed in helpless terror, Sahema, having spotted the bloodthirsty mob, rushed to intervene.

However, overpowered and outnumbered, the would-be rescuer was soon in danger himself.

“When I saw what was happening I came to help, but the angry mob attacked me with punches and stones,” said Sahema, his face a battered blanket of purple bruises.

Fearing the worst, Sahema was saved by the quick reactions of his friend.

“When my friend saw this he got into our car and hit one of the mob boys, most of whom then fled away in an unidentified taxi whilst others ran away,” he finished, shaking his head in apparent disbelief at what happened.

The incident comes soon after nine parents stormed Maun Police Station to report ‘two months of torment and terror’ at the hands of a gang, made up of out-of-school Standard 7 and Form 3 boys.

Labelling the group ‘ruthless and fearless’ one woman told The Voice she lived in fear as the gang were hunting for her after she reported some of its members, who were then beaten at the Kgotla.

Another woman revealed her Form Three son was unable to sit his final examinations, as he was in a coma at the time after the mob brutally beat him up.

“These boys are dangerous; they attack people day and night. They rape, rob and assault people, just because they can! They carry all sorts of dangerous things from knives, bats, rods and no one knows what they are up to,” she added, refusing to divulge her name for fear of recrimination.

The concerned parents claimed the boys were known and had a spot deep in the forest by the river where they hide away from the police.

“We want the boys dead – they are aggressive and very perilous,” fired one fed-up parent fiercely.

When contacted for a comment, Assistant Superintendent, Borefeletse Papane confirmed the incidents, revealing he was also aware of complaints about a mob causing havoc in the Boseja area.

Papane explained they were working on raiding the boys and bringing them to justice, adding that his officers recently remanded five boys from Boseja, who allegedly attacked and assaulted a man with slashers.

“We need community help in issues like these,” he pleaded.

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