On rampage – Moshupa Senior Secondary School students

We all know that the biggest strike ever has been ongoing for more than a month and because of this, the country’s productivity has extremely deteriorated. The education sector was one of the hardest hit as students had been going to school to just chill and lounge with nothing serious to do. After deciding that enough is enough the students resorted to violence and went on rampage. Ministry of Education and Skills Development then decided to close schools until further notice.

Where is our country heading to, you see this is one of the reasons that I’ve vowed not to get married in Botswana. If things keep on the way they are, I tell ya, in five years or so, we’ll be like Sudan! Our value for education and humanity is swiftly deteriorating right in front of our eyes, shame on Botswana, shame on us!
Think of the standard sevens, the form threes and the form fives, this strike has obviously impacted on their studies. Most of them are not going to do as well as they were initially meant to do because of the unstable education that they’ve been getting. Shame man, the poor students,tota gatwe be itheng?That’s if they do write their final exams this year, I’ve a strong feeling that all will be forced to repeat if anything. Ijo! a mathata.

I know that civil servants are on strike for a valid reason, I mean VAT and the cost of living are just rapidly on the rise. But come on now, what’s the government to do if it truly doesn’t have the resources to increase people’s salaries. Give it a bit of slack will you! I mean I know that the government has been in deficit for the past years so yea, tota fela go tough.
I wonder if those on strike have thought about those who are desperately seeking work but can’t get employed because of the limited available spaces. The graduates for example, I know that these guys are so hungry for work they’ll do almost anything to work. So the government has nothing much to lose really.

There are people out there who are not too concerned with increments of salaries (at the moment that is) so they just might be a good replacement for those on strike. I don’t know, maybe it’s not as easy as I think, I mean that’s just me.
However, I’m truly and deeply disturbed by the behavior of my peers, the students. What has gotten into the young maturing minds of these kids? I know that they do have a right to education and they should definitely fight for this right if they feel that it is being violated, but not literally.
Students have been going wild these past days. Now I don’t understand why students have been attacking the public, I know they are truly affected and trying to put across their point but come on guys, you are attacking the wrong people.
You should not be destroying people’s cars and buildings, instead you should be marching to parliament and taking out your rage there.

And no, this is not the end of it, Choppies in Mochudi was also attacked by students, they raided poor Choppies, took food and ate it while some threw cakes at employees while laughing at them! Police and soldiers are all over Mochudi! Kerayafelabathong, gatwe go eng tota?
I must add that I’m really disappointed at the government, Mr President, you have to do something, if I wanted to live in Sudan or Iraq I would simply go there.
You know I could go on and on about this so I invite you to join me in further discussing this issue on the Youth Affair show on Yarona FM on Sunday at 4p.m. It’s a date.

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I also strongly condemn the destruction of property,whether personal,government or businesses.Gago dirwe jalo bonnaka!


Bana ba sekolo ba dira sente ke rata moono wa bone cz sum teachers ba malope so its better 2 kill


mmmmmhhh!! you did raise some good points! I absolutely agree with you when it comes to the youth venting their frustration on the wrong people.The students have to find some other platforms to voice their concerns, which honestly speaking I dont know any(remember dikgosi were not allowed to entertain those who r striking at their kgotlas, except for those who defied the order), and more to that mma moitoi went to LObsec but it was just to ridicule the student because of being given the mic, and nothing constructive . But you surprise me when you say “I wonder if… Read more »

Lt Gen

Bo mma moitoi le bone they sometym loose their mind,how can she say student should come up with solutions about the strike…the only solution i thnk students have ke gore ba duele bo mistress ba boele ditirong ba rutwe.Shame on this useless politics ya Bots,i ‘l rather deny my self the right to vote than go e tsenya stress ka this thrash


tota mme mma moitoi o ne a solofetse eng gore bana ba tla ipolaisa mariga ba ya sgela go sena bo teacher,o ka bo a sala a tswetse dikolo from the on start wa itse o dealer le bana ba di rights so ene mosadimogolo wa di wrong ne a sena plan,bo mma moitoi le bone e kare gase batswana waitse .


hei mathata ele ruri
Mma Moitoi do something