‘Teacher from hell’ suspended

Accused of brutally assaulting students #Nine-year-old girl ends up in hospital

The Ministry of Basic Education has suspended and is investigating a teacher from Modipane Primary School amid allegations she abused her students.

Termed the ‘teacher from hell’ by pupils, Tinny Tlamelo Kwapa is accused of brutally assaulting up to 11 of her Standard Four students, landing one in hospital whilst others got away with severe beatings and bruises.

In an exclusive interview with The Voice, the Minister of Basic Education, Bagalatia Aarone revealed Kwapa had been suspended pending investigations.

“I can confirm that we received a report of abuse and brutal beatings by one of our primary school teachers stationed at Modipane Primary School,” said Aarone, who further confirmed a nine-year-old girl even ended up in hospital, allegedly due to the hidings she received.

“The law is clear that children should not be beaten. With this particular case, although there is one specific incident which left a pupil in hospital, there are allegations of many other assaults on students by the teacher. We have received evidence to the effect that she went as far as trampling on the student with her feet during the assault,” continued the Minister.

The Voice managed to track down the father of the young girl who was briefly hospitalised; 38-year-old Sean Tlou is not a happy man.

“I received a call from our helper that my child had come back home saying she was brutally beaten by her teacher. She complained of severe abdominal pains and could not walk properly. She had bruises on her thighs, buttocks and had cuts on her hands,” Tlou told The Voice angrily.

“At the school after-meeting with the Headmaster, we were told that the said teacher was apologetic of what had happened. We then took my child to hospital who instructed us to come back with a police report, which we did,” he continued.

Asked what his child was being punished for, the upset father replied, “She told me that she had not fared well on her Math test. She said whilst she was being punished by her teacher for failing her test she fell down and that is when the teacher started trampling on her!”

Tlou claims they received little help from the school.


“After going back and forth with the school head I decided to take my child home to rest. My daughter refused to go to school for about a week, saying she is scared of what her teacher will do. I then approached the school head again, asking that my child at least be transferred to another class, a request they dragged their feet on!”

Fed-up with the school’s lack of action, he reported the matter to the Region head. According to Tlou, by then his daughter had been out of school for almost two weeks and was still struggling to walk.

“I then reported the matter to the Permanent Secretary because I was receiving little help and time was passing. It is only last week when I received the call that I should take my child back to school because the said teacher had been suspended.”

For his part, the Minister said he was shocked at the gravity of the alleged assault on the child, further stating his Ministry will do everything possible to make sure the law is followed when in comes to protecting children.

The incident was confirmed by Modipane school head, known only as Mma Jack to this newspaper.

However, in a telephonic interview she refused to comment, saying the matter was beyond her.

Efforts to reach Kwape proved futile by the time of going to press.

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