MAIMED: Victim's mouth

A disgruntled mother has told of how her 10-year-old daughter broke a molar tooth and dislodged her other teeth after she was beaten up by her teacher at Mmanoko Primary school.

According to the report on the young girl’s clinic card, she was slapped by her teacher, lost her balance and fell to the ground with a knock that caused the her the injuries that included bruises and gaping cuts in the mouth.

EVIDENCE: The medical record

After realising that the child was injured, the teacher who was disciplining the student for noise making, allegedly released the child to go home before the school was out.

Narrating the news of the peculiar punishment gone-wrong, the devastated mother to the victim, 37-year-old Masego Gonewamang, said she received a call from her neighbours, alerting her of her child’s early departure from school and the injuries she had sustained.

“The punishment was brutal as she was in so much pain and had blood oozing from her wounds. The teacher did not even bother to take her to the hospital,” she said.

“I took her to the hospital as she had a fever and complained of a headache. She did not sleep that night and she kept tossing the whole night from the pain,” she said.

Gonewamang said when she arrived at the hospital; the doctors demanded the police report, as the child was severely injured. “My child also sustained a terrible bruise under the right eye, she might have sustained internal injuries,” said the visibly stressed mother.

She revealed that ever since the child was injured, nothing was ever communicated to her by the school, despite having reported the incident to the school the next day.


Gonewamang also revealed that upon reporting the incident, the Deputy School Head only took the piece of the broken tooth from her.

39-year-old Reginah Letebejane, the neighbour to the family said that the punishment shocked her. “I only know that teachers are not supposed to use their hands when punishing students. I’m surprised the school management is not even supportive to the mother,” she said.

When approached for a comment, the Deputy school head, who refused to be named, confirmed that she was keeping the broken tooth as evidence and only referred this publication to the Regional Education Director, Benson Rauwe.

Speaking to The Voice, Rauwe said that even though the incident took place a few days back, it has not officially been reported to his office. “Teachers are only allowed to punish scholars only after the school head authorizes the punishment and they are not allowed to use their hands when punishing students,” he said.

He further said that as soon as it is officially reported to his office, necessary action will be taken against the teacher.






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