Taxis reject faulty money
Taxis reject faulty money

Last Saturday afternoon, Voice cartoonist, Lesole Ntshole was travelling in a taxi from Bontleng to the bus rank in Gaborone.

An unusual conversation started as an elderly woman attempted to disembark at a stop along Industrial Site.

DRIVER: Sorry mma, I can’t accept the P10 – the money doesn’t have a security thread.

ELDERLY WOMAN: I got the money from another taxi driver who gave it to me as change.

I didn’t realise it was damaged! The only other note I have is P200. Maybe you’d have difficulty in finding change?

DRIVER: No problem. I can manage to change it for you. (She gives him the money).

ELDERLY WOMAN: The P10 is now useless. I’ll give it to some other taxi driver when I get a chance to go to the rank.

Maybe they’ll be able to change the money at the bank.

MAN IN BLACK CAP: (as the taxi leaves) A P10 note is like fake. It gets damaged very easily compared to other notes.

LADY IN SKINNY JEANS: I guess the taxi driver that gave her the money did it deliberately.

He took advantage of her age, as he knew the old woman wouldn’t bother to check if the money was damaged.

MAN IN BLACK CAP: It has nothing to do with the age. A lot of us would take the money without worrying to check if it was real.

DRIVER: I’m always very careful whenever a passenger pays. At first I wasn’t.

I’d take the money and put it in the ashtray, until one day a passenger paid with a half torn P20 note he had wrapped.

I only noticed in the evening when I got home to count what I made during the day.

I was very angry with myself because I gave the passenger a free ride.

On top of that, I gave him a free P16 after he was able to cheat me with a half torn P20.

Eish I hope that P200 the mosadi mogolo just gave me isn’t fake! (laughter).

The conversation ends as the taxi arrives at the rank in Gaborone.

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