We all know that nowadays students hang around a lot at the bus rank after school. They chill there chatting with other students from different schools, for some it’s a chance to see their boyfriends and girlfriends. I don’t have a problem with this, I mean after all school can be very stressful so they might as well chat the stress away at the bus rank. However, they are some relationships that develop at the bus rank that I don’t agree with. These relationships are between young girls and combi drivers and conductors (nowadays they call themselves cashiers by the way). I totally despise these relationships not because these are just combi drivers and conductors but because of the reasons that these relationships develop.

A couple of weeks ago I was at the bus rank boarding a combi to go home. I saw something that led me to write about this week’s article. A school girl got into a private car with two guys, guess who the two guys were. Yes, it was a combi driver and a conductor of a combi that the girl usually takes when going home after school. I know that you might be saying that I am just being ridiculous and jumping to conclusions but even a blind old lady could see that there was nothing innocent about the ride. I then wondered what the two guys were going to do with the school girl but I could only come up with only one sensible and definitely obvious answer. They were going to use the girl.

I think by now you should have noticed that I do a lot of thinking, and yes I do have a very good memory. So I thought back when I used the same combi as this young girl, the combi was driven by the same guys who took her. One thing that I never used to understand was why she always sat in front, choosing the music that everyone in the combi would be listening to and most striking, she never pays.
Obviously me being a young passenger I was always jeolous, le nna kana ke a bo ke batla free ride. Then I figured that this is the reason why a lot of young girls actually get involved with combi drivers and conductors.
We all know that saving money in any way is important to all of us. So for a school girl what a better way to save money by getting free rides to school and after school?
Now guys, I’m not saying that all combi drivers and conductors are like this but a lot of them are. If at all you are in such a situation whereby you have made yourself available to a driver or a conductor for free rides, please stop that now. Rather look at it this way, are you really worth P2.70? I don’t think so.

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When i was in Senior School i used to share a desk with this girl who used to date a combi conductor,or should i say “cashier”. She used to tell me wild stories about this guy. Guess what,now she has a child with a truck driver. Bottom line,dont ever compromise yourself because it only gets worse!


Eish mathata mmata.


yeah sometimes it depends on how that kind of gul was raised. a gona gore re tla ba reng. if u i a guy a try to give a free advise to ur poor sister it sims like u i jealous


hey bana ba ba senyegile ke tlhola ke ba bona ko rankeng ba eme le basimanyana bana ba malatsi a ba senyegile


ba ilwe ke morobalo ko tlhogong e sale ratile sex too much bana ba waitse,….ba tlhokana le discipline e serious!


go bakiwa ke thato ya mapele

Chris M

That’s why we need special school buses! Councils can make some money this way while keeping our sisters and little ones in general safe! Especially from praditors like these! This really sucks! What future will these kids have then? Damn! We need government school buses, period!


tlogelang bana ha ole 17 or 18 o godile,le lona le hetile hoo..aah


jopas,a ruri o nale monnaowe,i gues u a las born,nako tsa rona dipalo tsa mogare di ne di ise di oketsege jaana,lyf style ya malatsi a e botlhoko cz its btwn lyf n death.


a lot hould be done by everyone especially at government level. these young school girls are the future of Botswana & if nothing is done, I’m afraid, we are losing the future of Botswana. why in the first place are those kids allowed to roam around the bus rank for no good reason. when we knock off after work we are stranded for transport yet those school children should have gone home earlier. I agree that special buses for school children should be a solution.


heish ke mathata, akere! but bontsi jwa nako ea bo e le go flirt fela mo go innocent, fale le fale ee ke gone go a bong go dirwa dilo.


this is really touching, go utusa botlhoko gape le rona borre ga re boi. we like using these kids…


that is nothing, come to Malaysia and explore what some of our sisters are doing with guys who are believed to have dollar(NAIJA boys). Disgrace…


wena jaanon hahaaha o mo go afe, u r offtopic gothelele …


@nhabe..i am with you..hahahaha ene o bua di sele…

ke a ja

hahahahha…is telling the truth , wats wrong with with u .mie brada


u r ryt no one is worth 2.70,but hu said the whole reaon behind ths is 2.70?u sound pretty sure of ur story that u make me think u’v bn ther


Tota rona bo Taximan re dirwa ke gore banyana ba malatsi a ba dilo ditona, so re ne rere re cheke ma14 ka tse di borumanyana.

j. c. leruza

eish!!! mare our sistas ke mathata fela.barata madi lwe mapele ba le bannye.


batho bao ba re feleditse banyana……..

@Jodas, ga ke rate motho yo o buang bomatla jaaka wena jalo go raya gore le bana ba gago o tsile go ba rotloetsa go dira dilo tse di duleng mo tseleng, ke belaela o le mongwe wa bone. bana ba segompieno le bone ba ditlhogo di thata


some guys hassle life opposite and they are going to die opposite remeber stories that you read in this paper.poor girls i dnt know whats wrong with u u hv got wrong interpretation of ur thing thats a God given thing to be used accordingly nd u miss use it u grow double ur age u become ugly even thou u were beautiful nd u mind changes u become a free way even a cup up of wine will get it nd u become sick nd u die.


Social illness..


everyone makes ways to get wat they want and that a way taxi drivers do….mayb they should be more woman involved in this taxi business so we can alway have free rides

Dr Juice

Bana ba ba Gambler ka life ya bone. HIV/AIDS e simolola gone fa guys.but these young people e kare ba robalana thata le is not like on the 1980’s .wher girl could just refuse you. It is hard to meet a virgin these days. Fa life e nna tough the conductors ba ba phuagantse they rush to church… ba batla lonyalo.(wake up stop selling yourselves)


once u start u wont stop,sex is not good for young girls n ba batla gore ba pegiwe mahala by paying with sex,waitse re mo mathateng.


Yaah, kana le bone ba nkga ditshwannyana tse di lopisang.


Ke gore batho ba ba tshwanang le bo wakawaka ba a lwala waitse,hw can u say dat ngwana o borumanyana?Kana ha o ka lebelela sente bananyana ba ba tsenang sekolo gompieno ke ba ba tshotsweng ka 1992 go ya ko pele.I hav a lil sista wa 92 n ha ke mo leba tota ke bona nnana hela yo e leng gore i dnt think o a ithaloganya.Bo taxi man tswang mo baneng pliz!


Its so painful since no 1 can say a word to them coz you could hear them ba re ba a itshelele ,to me there is nothng lyk being poor since lyf now is all about doing everythng positively!!!


ya well its true dat happens…i knw a few instances whereby ngwana wa sgela afta sgela o renka le dis gyz up until ba tshaisa, after go tshaisiwa dey take dis girls home and use them b4 setting them off to their homes…nna i see it this way lyk many of u..o bona 2 much of everything batla free rides to and from skul, madi a weekend and diaparo and sex yone ba e dira as a favour since ba bone sengwe in return but ba dira thata, at the end of it all they r home sgela se… Read more »