Tawana announces return to the kgotla
GOING BACK: Kgosi Tawana


The Batawana paramount chief, Kgosi kgolo Tawana Moremi II has officially announced his imminent return to the customary court.

Addressing a Kgotla meeting on Wednesday in Maun, Moremi said politics had dragged his dignity in the mud, adversely affecting his social life and his health in the process.

“Politics were clearly not meant for me as everything has been characterized by chaos since my first day in Parliament,” Tawana said, citing incidences whereby he would prepare for parliament sessions, only to end up in police and hospital scenes because people thought he was sick only for doctors to pronounce him normal and fit as examples of the mayhem.

Moremi however explained that the main reason he joined politics was primarily to deal with issues of Tribal land management including game reserves and educational parks at national level.

He stated that he had done all in his powers as a chief to address land issues but it seemed he was trying to draw blood out of a stone as the Land Board Management and relevant stakeholders could not assist him, due to archaic policies that were in place then.

“I then thought tackling the issue politically would work. I think the huge step I took years back of joining politics has helped to some extent because an amendment in the Tribal Land Act is underway, hence my step-down.”

The amendment in the Tribal Land Act states that Land Board should prioritize and engage chiefs and village leaders wholly on issues of land.

Since his mission has been accomplished, the chief would be finishing his term in 2019 and step down.

A new candidate to fill his shoes would have to be passionate and ready to toil hard to tackle issues of concern, he noted.

Even though some community members were excited about Moremi’s decision, some thought he still had a lot to do in parliament to fix the Maun economy.

Kenosi Seoka said Tawana should have soldiered on because the community still needed him as their voice in parliament.

Others however like one Alehile Boiteto congratulated Kgosikgolo for the decision as she said the community needed him more at the kgotla.

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