Let your hat make a fashion statement

fashion twins: two ladies with almost similar hats

Headgear in the form of hats, head scarves come in all forms of colour, shape, material and print. And from kings to serfs, this accessory is here to stay. But the glitter and glitz that came with the hats I saw at J&B Met Horse Race left me spellbound.

The hats made fashion statements which I rated from really wacky while others could make Queen Elizabeth 11 green with envy.

ladies showing off their head gears

This week, feast your eyes on the wacky and the beautiful hats I saw in Cape Town. Who would have thought horns and tea pots can inspire a head gear? But as they say, anything is possible in Mzansi.
So it was from horns, to feathers to heavy fabrics and tea pots that gave the ladies a kick that weekend. Take a peak and if you can dare to make a horn or feather statement, use the ideas for your new head dress.

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