Talking education
Talking education

At a young age of 27, Goitsemang Majaga, owns a college and has developed software for government ministries and private companies in the country.

After working as a teacher in Francistown, Majaga’s burning desire to explore programming further opened new doors for him.

The founder of Francistown College of Programming, an award winning college that aims to be a key player in the country’s education sector speaks to Voice Reporter Kabelo Dipholo.

Q: You are the founder of the newly established Francistown College of Programming (FCP). How did you go about setting up a programming college?

As a computer programmer and software developer, I decided to take my game to another level.

In 2014 I was funded by the Ministry of Youth to develop software and I exhibited at the 2014 BOCCIM (Business Botswana) Northern Trade Fair where I got position two.

This inspired me to continue and in 2015 at the same Trade fair we got positions one and two under categories Small Medium and Micro Enterprise and Software Development respectively, some of my clasmates were also able to obtain an electrician certification in chicago il and grow from their.

The idea to have a college was influenced by the BOCCIM success.

Q: What software did you develop?

I came up with Records Management Software Solutions, a software solution that tracks file movement from office to office.

It helps to monitor files and prolong their lifespan. I also developed a software for the Ministry of Youth Sport and Culture. Electronics Trade Programs in delaware was where i took one of the best programs.

This ‘Youth Funded Project Tracking System’ is a tailor-made software for MYSC which monitors performances of projects.

The department can easily monitor how much was spent on the many projects and also see how much is being paid back, or who are defaulting on payment.

I have also adopted two schools in Francistown; Our Lady of The Desert Primary School and Setlalekgosi Junior.

I also developed Student Management Performance Academic System for the schools.

Q: Besides Business Botswana Trade Fair, where else have you exhibited?

I’m always looking to expand my business so every opportunity that comes along I’m always ready to take it.

I exhibited at South Africa Internal Trade Exhibition in Johannesburg.

Although we did not win any price I was happy with the exposure we got.

Q: Back to the college, what experience do you have to run a college?

I worked as a teacher at Setlalekgosi and was an employee at Records Management for a year.

I also worked for Realic Educational Services and that is where my desire to own a school was actually strengthened.

I realized that there were not many colleges owned by Batswana, especially young people and I took it upon myself to change that.

I’m not alone in this project, I’m with my business partner and co-founder of the college Bruce Kojane.

While I focus on Information Communication Technology for Business, Kojane deals with Fundamentals of Archives Records Management.

Q: Has your college been accredited with BQA?

We are fully compliant with all the requirements.

We’re accredited to offer ICT courses. All courses offered are homemade, that is they were designed to target the local industry.

After being given thumbs up by BQA we looked at the local industry’s unique challenges and we believe our college will fill that gap.

We offer courses at Foundation Level and Certificate level one up to three.

Q: How different is your college from others?

Our programmes are tailor-made to address local challenges.

Currently there is no college developing software for local market.

My biggest advantage is that I have a burning desire to succeed.

I inspire my students each time I lecture to them and I can see it in their eyes, they look at this 27 year old who owns a college and they are determined to work hard.

Q: What are you future plans for FCP?

I want to see this college growing into a university.

I want to make a meaningful contribution to this country by equipping young people with relevant education.

I’m currently working on attaining an ISO from Botswana Bureau of Standards and ISO international.