Talk of the town
Talk of the town


On Monday afternoon, Voice cartoonist, Lesole Ntshole boarded a combi from the Bus Rank to the Main Mall in Gaborone and overheard a conversation amongst passengers on the recent saga in which a councillor in Sebina defiled an under-aged girl.

DRIVER: I’m beginning to lose trust in the rule of law here in Botswana.

How does a prominent figure defiles and impregnates a minor and no action is taken?

MAN IN BLUE CAP: I’m still shocked. It’s clear that those in power don’t have interest in the welfare of the nation.

Had it been someone found in possession of elephant tusks, they would have gone to jail.

DRIVER: Well, it’s all about survival of the fittest and how rich, or how much money you have. Jail is for the poor.

LADY IN BLACK SKIRT: I read in one of the newspapers that the councillor is yet to make a report of his hacked Facebook account.

MAN IN BLUE CAP: The councillor is playing some delaying tactics.

How is his hacked account connected to the defilement case?

The mother confirmed in a local private radio station that the councillor impregnated her child.

What proof do they still want?

LADY IN WHITE BLOUSE: I heard that the mother went to Sebina Police Station to seek advice.

DRIVER: I find it absurd. Since when did police officers start advising people?

I’m beginning to suspect that they were bribed.

LADY IN WHITE BLOUSE: I feel pity for the girl child.

The councillor is working and the poor girl has lost a future.

Who knows, maybe the irresponsible councillor has even infected her with HIV?

The cartoonist drops off at a stop at the Main Mall while other passengers continue with their journeys still engrossed in the conversation.

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