Diswai Moremi
PASSIONATE: PEEPA deputy CEO Tiny Diswai Moremi

Diswai Moremi works hard to close the gender gap.

The listing of the BTCL IPO was exciting for many people, especially those that made the investment early on. A massive campaign followed and shares made dinner table conversation.

For PEEPA, which was the project manager it meant long hours of consultation to make the project a success? And for one woman in particular it was indeed a labour of love.

Passionate about results, PEEPA Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Tiny Diswai – Moremi was behind this success.

Speaking to Voice Woman, Diswai- Moremi said, “I was responsible for ensuring that the BTCL IPO is delivered as envisaged by Government. I worked very closely with the transaction advisors, the Ministry of Transport and Communication and the management of BTCL and its advisors in ensuring that the transaction is delivered according to plan. I was responsible for ensuring that all relevant approvals are obtained and that all necessary regulatory compliance and approvals have been approved. Such approvals include by the Botswana Stock Exchange, the Companies and Intellectual Properties Authority, the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board and Cabinet.

As the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of PEEPA, Diswai’s portfolio includes driving the core business of PEEPA, initiating and developing programmes, projects and policies relevant to the delivery of the privatisation programme.

“My ambition is to be the best at what I do. I am driven by tackling challenging management issues. I am passionate about transformation, about turnaround strategies and about good governance.,” says 52- year- old Mochudi born, Tiny Diswai – Moremi.

The BTCL IPO was specifically restricted to individual citizens, citizen owned companies, institutional investors and pension funds whose underlying beneficiaries are citizens.

This was in order to grow and widen the Botswana money and capital sector and to encourage citizen participation in the ownership of an asset previously 100% owned by government.

“It is pleasing to note that citizens really embraced the IPO which was oversubscribed 1.68 times. Those who were not able to participate at the time of the IPO all is not lost because they can still participate by buying the shares through their brokers now that the shares have started to trade on the BSE while those who have invested in the BTCL can now track the performance of their investment.”

As a woman at the helm, Diswai believes women will always have a key role to play in the growth of the economy.

Tiny Diswai Moremi

“We are seeing a growing number of women in key decision making positions and running successful businesses. This is not yet enough given the number of women as a percentage of the population. We need to see these numbers grow even more. Women have proven that they have the skills and competencies to deliver in domains previously dominated by men and the economy needs to capitalise on these skills and use women to deliver on the diversification drive.”

Concerning BTCL shares she says, they are like any other investment, there are no guarantees.

“The share price may go up and down depending on a number of factors which include the state of the overall economy, the state of the particular sector that the company is operating in and other factors internal to the organisation itself. That being said I personally believe that BTCL is a good investment. I believe the company will yield good capital gains for the shareholders and will pay reasonable dividends going forward. It is always wise to read the prospectus and understand the company you are about to invest in and also talk to your investment advisor to provide guidance before you make decisions to invest in shares.” She says

From Back to back meetings all day or a day of pounding away at the computer writing a report or researching policy ideas to propose to Government to late meetings till 7pm characterise many of her days.

“I am passionate about transformation and turning around corporates to improved efficiency and profitability. I am also passionate about good corporate governance. To me it’s about doing things right the first time all the time. Surely there must be more to life than work I suggest,” and with a smile Diswai admits to a few indulges.

“ I try to put in an hour’s workout every day into my schedule. It can be at home or at gym but it’s a necessity. I take long drives into nowhere; windows wide open and jazz blaring away at high volume as I sing along. I dance a lot even when I am home alone I will dance to some jazz tunes.

Responding to what she would change If she could change anything in Botswana; “ Botswana would be a better place if we all believed and practiced meritocracy.

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