Horizon Ogivly is one of the country’s leading advertising agency whose mandate is to brand, advertise and promote products of its clients. Some of its clients include Mascom Wireless, Standard Chartered Bank, MultiChoice and BP. The recently appointed MD, Nigel Turner talks to The Voice about his appointment and the plans he has for the agency.

Q. Please give us brief background about yourself?

I am an Englishman but have been living in Southern Africa for the past 30 years. Before I came to Botswana in 2001 I was living in Zimbabwe.  I have several qualifications including a diploma in Training Management, certified neuro-linguistic programmer. I am also a trained copywriter and a member of the British Institute of Learning and Development.

Q. What is your role as the MD of the agency?
Horizon is one the country’s biggest and best agencies and my role is to make sure that it stays like that and even improve it for the better. We are in the process of restructuring the agency so that we can give our clients better services and as the MD I have to see to it that all goes according to plans. My job is also to make sure that work is done properly to the satisfaction of the client and to make sure that staff members are rewarded accordingly. I believe that a strong, solid happy Horizon team will take the company to even greater heights.

Q. What do you think made you qualify for this position?
Besides my qualifications I think I have enough experience to run the agency as this is not the first time for me to be an MD of an agency. I also have a strong managerial background having run my own successful companies in Zimbabwe and here in Botswana. I am here to help Horizon find its future and that I will do.

Q. Where do you see the agency five years from now?
It will still be the leading advertising agency in the country having grown in leaps and bounds. This would be further propelled by the fact the agency will soon be a citizen-owned company which I believe will have a positive bearing on the company. Again the late MD Mathatha Gasenelwe worked hard for Horizon to be what it is today and we can only improve it to make sure that his legacy lives on.

Q. Does Horizon Ogivly Botswana work hand in hand with the international network of the advertising agency?
Yes it does and I think being part of the worldwide network is one thing that has played to our advantage.  We normally hold conferences as Horizon Ogivly Africa to share ideas on how best to run the agencies and attract more clients.  Sometimes we also send our staff for training in Johannesburg, which is the biggest office in Africa. Again the idea behind this is to expose staff to different environment with the hope of expanding their creativity scope.

Q. What makes the agency different from other advertising agencies in the country?
The fact that we are affiliated to the biggest worldwide network makes us different from the rest. We also have unique values which make us stick to our core because which is nothing but advertising. Our competitors do other things besides advertising but for us it is strictly our core business.

Q. What are some the challenges that you face as an industry?
Shortage of talented and creative personnel! An advertising agency should be a creative house because it’s all about creating attractive and selling adverts. The whole staff of an agency should be creative but it’s proving to be difficult to have such a team.

Q. How big is your team?
We have 30 staff members.

Q. And what makes you a happy man at the end of the day?
Being able to satisfy clients and to sell more of their products.

Fact file
Full name: Nigel Turner
Place of birth: United Kingdom
Date of birth: 22 August 1955
Marital Status: Married with two children
Car driving: Mazda 6
Favourite food: Chicken curry
Holiday destination: Malta
Book currently reading: Wolf Hall by Hillary Mantel
Favourite sport: Cricket
Relaxes by: Reading business books
Favourite saying: You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs ( meaning if you want to improve things for the better you might cause pain in the process)

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