Some of the walkers

Well, we did it. Last Sunday more than 230 concerned and determined citizens climbed up Kgale hill and raised the Fight Crime in Gaborone Flag (which they had all autographed) into the skies above Gabz city. The symbol was clear – Gaboronians are tired of crime in their city and want back the peace that Botswana has historically been famous for.

The climb is a strenuous one. It requires resolve. Just as the desire to see the restoration of peace and security will require resolve. Clearly this group of people are up to the task. No, we are not naïve enough to believe that by hiking up the hill we will see crime go down – what we wanted to achieve was a clear show of support for our call that more resources are committed in the fight against crime. Pressure to prioritize is what this is all about.

We even managed to attract a few prominent people – both Emma Wareus and Karabo Sampson lent their beauty to the event, we saw Thea Khama and her group also take the challenge. As hikers walked they also collected litter and a bakkie load of litter was taken away afterwards – leaving the hill cleaner. Hopefully our efforts will result in more awareness of the extent of crime in Gaborone and more people will rally behind the cause.
Re mmogo!

Question for the week: Do you think the Botswana Police services are adequately trained and equipped to deal with crime in Gaborone?

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What a great event = it is time to stand up for our right to a society which is not plagued by criminal activity – we need to TAKE IT BACK !