If you’ve ever wanted to be the Roman Abramovich of local football and own your own team, now is your chance. Tafic F.C. is up for sale.
Matjimenyenga, the darlings of the north and one of the best-supported clubs in the country, could be yours for just under P1.5 million.
Clarifying the situation to interested parties at a meeting in Francistown last Saturday, club chairman Humphrey Nawa said that changing the club from a society to a private company was a priority if Tafic was to keep going.
“ It is about the future of the team we love. The club needs serious financial stability to survive, and be what we want. Putting it up for sale is a promotional move to ensure the club is run professionally and profitably,” he said.
The recently appointed chairman outlined the proposal in which the club is looking to raise P3 million through the sale of 30,000 shares at P1000 per share.
Assuring supporters that the club would not go out of their control, he explained that they sought to sell 49% of the shares to an individual, whilst 51% would remain in the hands of a group of around 20 directors within the club.
“We are looking for a Mr Big to come in and effectively own the club, but with fans and the community retaining the majority shareholding between them.
“We believe it is important for supporters to feel that it is still their team, but to recognize the need to put the club up for sale in order to turn it into a competitor and not just a participant in the competition for trophies.

OPEN TO OFFERS: Tafic chairman Humphrey Nawa ( left) and his vice Levit Ntwaagae at last Saturday’s meeting

“For too long we have been helping other teams to win the league. We have donated points to our competitors and due to our financial position have not been able to hold onto our talent, ” he added.
Tafic’s only major trophy since its affiliation into the Botswana Football Association in 1972 came when they won the Coca Cola Cup in 2002.
Nawa along with his vice chairman Levit Ntwaagae who were elected four months ago, outlined the challenges that the committee had faced since taking over the club.
“ It has been a case of crisis management. Many thought the club was going out of business, so our main priority has been to stabilise the financial situation and save the club from relegation.
“We have now done that, so our next objective is to push ahead with turning Tafic into a company. That has been a standing resolution for the last two years but nothing has been done. We have consulted supporters and they have given us their backing to now go ahead,” they said.
They assured potential investors that they would be accountable for whatever money was put into the club, and would ensure that it was used properly.
Whilst the club was looking for major investors, Nawa did not rule out the possibility of supporters buying single shares at P1000 that would entitle the shareholder to a proportionate say in the running of the company, as well as admission to all home games.
Admitting that any potential investor would be unlikely to come in with the expectation of making money, Nawa nevertheless said that there had been “huge interest” in the project.
‘We are in talks with several leading members of the business community, and have identified several front-runners who are excited by the prospect of owning the club.
“In the past their has been too much in-fighting within the club, with too many ego’s involved. Whoever it is who takes over will have to be motivated by the love of football and Tafic. You have to love football to manage football,” he said.

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gatwe TAFFIC buan sengwe tlhe, faobona gotwe P1.5 Million jaana bagosadisetsa dikoloto..nna kerata POPA, kerata leina le lelone thebatho..T/ROLLERS esesss


dats a gud idea!!!!!!!! shapa tafic shapaAAAAAAAAAAAAA


Who’s gonna be responsible for the back pays tsa bana ba modimo ba ba kgonang go raga bo 4 months in empty stomachs? At the end of the day suppoters are gonna demand their team back,watch this space…….you first heard it from Usualsuspect.

samuel marape

I think its a very good move for matjimenyenga, im a die hard fan of the team and i believe they start doing well, wish them gud luck!

lionel messi

tel the tafic officials to put the sale on hold. i am coming to botswana end of august to buy it for $10 million. i will also play for it. will bring tevez and mascherano along……


good idea.