T is for Turban!
T is for Turban!

Embrace the head-wrap!

In spirit of African day we celebrate why Head wraps, usually called turbans, in the fashion industry, are part of Africa’s concrete token of identification.

Head wraps are worn usually by women to cultural functions or special celebrations as a sign of respect.

In the olden days head wraps where rather used for functionality; to tote water and to absorb perspiration.

Fast forward to the modern times, they are nowadays mostly worn not only as a cultural token – a symbol of identification but as a sense of style – fashion statement or as an accessory solution to cure a bad hair day.

The fashion trick is, the ornate and bolder the cloth, the bolder the tribal statement. So for some sticking, “get up and go fashion power” wrap it, loud and proud, embrace the head-wrap in all its shades!

This is why T is for turbans in our fashion dictionary this Youth day (June 16)!

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