Ok boys and gents, just like I promised your’s truly had a good chat with her lovely cousin Miss Ludo Mannathoko and she gave us pointers to make you a winner when you approach a girl:


Scenerio 1: She’s with her girls
This is where you can either really nail it or really kill it, but here’s the trick: Walk casually over to them and start chatting with her friends, paying particular attention to your *catch*.
FACT: charm her friends and you’ve charmed her too! Just as she’s feeling a little left out, turn to her and show her you’ve been saving the best chat for last- with her.
2. Flash her your sexiest smile and ask her friends if you can steal her for a minute.
3. Now I promise you, here you’re definitely in so just pull her away and work your magic

To get a girls attention, never approach her on your first encounter. Let sparks fly from a distance- for at least a few days, however, if you fear never seeing her again, here’s how to steal her heart:

Step 1
What ever you do, even if it kills you, make her smile or even better make her laugh. Compliment her on… the least expected feature.. say.. her eyebrows. She’ll think it’s original.

Step 2
Now that you got a chuckle out of her you may introduce your self. Please use your real name- the one your mama gave you, we really appreciate it, a lot. e.g if your name is Dickson, don’t call yourself Dicks, stick to Dickson!

Step 3
Ask if you can join her in what ever she’s doing – sit with her, walk with here e.t.c. Don’ t forget to flash that smile, it works, it totally melts us. That’s all we talk about when we hook up with our girls – your super smile.

Step 4
DON’T start talking about yourself the whole time, show interest in her, and her world the whole time. Focus more on her as it gets her talking, you don’t want a one way conversation. At this point, she’s starting to play with her hair, fidgeting with her finger, drawing invisible circles with her feet. Fellas, at this point, you’re 80% in.

Step 5
Don’t hang around for too Long, 10 minutes will do, let her know it was nice chatting. DO NOT ASK FOR HER NUMBER! And as you prepare to depart look her straight in the eye, put on a straight face and tell her she is cute or beautiful – not hot, not sexy (she’s heard that too many times) and that you hope to see her some time.
Don’t forget to tell her to keep those eyebrows the way they are!
*NB: Here’s the thing about chatting for 10 minutes, it’s so not enough!! And she’ll wish you could stay longer and make her laugh again. She won’t of course tell you that on your first encounter but trust me, next time you bump into her, she will walk over to you… then you can take it from there.

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ur article is good but when a guy tells a woman she is cute dats a booty call as much as he says the woman is sexy or hot…a man hu wants more will tell a woman she is beautiful…..


this s crap…if she doesent lyk u…cant do anything dude…no matter wat u try…




Aah ths is crap…this is bots& it will only applies to Ludo or girls who watch television too much to the point it has clouded their mind. Ludo needs to be taught hw to catch a fish by us rona batshwari nt the fish itself telling you ths is this. Another thing u shud understand is that there are different types of fishes and hw u catch them, go na le dishark, dibabora etc


hau!!! tota lukin @ da fact that pips r different, dr aint no specific way to get da gal da u want, different people have different ways of approaching a gal..so tota dz z crap…

gm k-lo

THANKS FOR THE TRY BT FOR A MOTSWANA GUY LIKE WHO ENCOUNTER GALS FROM FAR END IT WOULD NOT WORK .Ee to the gals baba lebelelang di soap go ka bereka and lefa o batla the gals from overseas


Dat old skul styls to get a motswana chick,bt rember a mosetsana wa motswana chick is different hey gadi kopane sentle when u flirt her mare keng adima ur uncle’s,friend hot xclusive car,nd kea gobollella within a a day more dan 10 chickz already sayd YEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS we love,want u to b ur men………dat simple so if u dnt have a car kwa lapeng or dont knw how to drive aghhhhhhhh ojelwee!!! haaahahahhaaaa rmbr dis is not New york or watever is Bechunaland……


ijoo nnana o buile nnete,dat smile counts and the way u say and do things wen u 2geda coz tse dingwe tse di turna off 2 switch aaag….!!

maybe 4 ma 14 it can work but not serious grown ups looking 4 mr rite.if u want pointer on how to get an african guy hooked,halla!

4ty 7even

Stepper ke dumalana le wena. Mare keng, this can help ga a se sure gore wa go batla kana ga a go batle. Batho go na le basetsana ba ba tala mo Bots. Ba e reng o re o bua le ene a bo a goa a re, “naare moshimane yo a re go rileng, ke eng okare o bata go tshamikela mo go nna?” O tla bona akere mogoma a itseta ka mogatla. O ba botse bashimane ba Maung gore ba bona eng ba tla go bolelela.

G. angel

nna the eyes and smiles drives me crazy….