TROUBLESOME: Ring leader
TROUBLESOME: Ring leader

In a dramatic twist of event this week, relatives of an alleged Tonota abortionist threatened to assault The Voice reporter for taking them photographs at Francistown High Court.

There was pandemonium as relatives of Kediemetse Sedapalo walked out of court and threatened the reporter who was taking photographs.

Last week, The Voice published a story exposing Sedapalo who had appeared in court to face a charge of murder after her client died.

The relatives threatened to also smash the reporter’s camera.

The incensed relatives whisked Sedapalo away and protected her from being photographed.

Sedapalo’s mother literally picked up stones and threw at the reporter.

“Do you know I can smash this camera? Why do you take pictures of people and publish them for the whole nation to see.

Leave her alone, get away from here,” charged the light complexioned woman as she struggled to seize the camera.

Earlier in court, the 39-year-old Sedapalo had been found to have a case to answer after a failed abortion that claimed the life of Tshepo Maeke who was five (5) months pregnant.

On Wednesday the accused was at pains to convince the court that she was innocent. She told court:

“Tshepo came to me and told me she wanted to abort.

She told me that she had earlier seen another woman who inserted a feather in her womanhood, but nothing had happened.

She asked me if I could terminate the pregnancy or if I knew someone who could.

I spent less than five minutes with Tshepo. And that was the first and last time I saw her.”

Despite evidence given earlier in court that the deceased had gone back to the accused for the second time, Sedapalo denied ever seeing her.

Protective: Abortionist's family members
Protective: Abortionist’s family members

“The second time she must have gone to see someone else. She never came back to me,” she said as she gestured hopelessly.

The case continues and judgment will be delivered in November.



Following the story of a former security guard who appeared in court to answer a charge of murder after a failed abortion that killed a woman, Voice readers on Facebook debated the issue of whether abortion should be legalized or not.

Andon Theanointedkid Max Tshabatau: Given that people r murdered every day, shud we legalise murder? Theft is at escalating rate.

Shud we protect and defend thugs? To be fair prevention is better than cure.

Don’t fall pregnant if u can’t afford to take care of the baby

Baba Jackson: It is a well known fact that people who are on ARVs all of a sudden turn into sex maniacs thus either getting cross infections or spreading the disease even. More.

Should we then stop the supply of ARVs? Obviously

Not. People get horny and as a result sometimes rape, impregnates, or gets impregnated.

Should such people’s sexual drive be made defunct?

Not at all. Therefore if one ends up pregnant for whatever reasons, and circumstances dictate that she terminates the pregnancy let that be.

No one cares after poor pregnant ladies.

we don’t cloth or feed them. We don’t give them shelter.

We treat them like they have sinned to the last degree, yet we want to quadruple punish them by denying them to make right what society judges to be wrong with them.

It is their bodies, it is their burden it is their decision. So be it.

Sebati Dingwe: I strongly oppose. I rather suggest that adoption en fostering be promoted so that one can easily give a baby for adoption.

Mongu George Nyangana: The best way to deal with abortion is to make sure that those doing it r sentenced to life imprisonment or face death sentence right way.

Uchada Chada Nthata: Very controversial; this topic is filled with emotional arguments centered on sexual immorality, religious beliefs, womens’ rights or purely pragmatic reasons.

Still illegal; it will take place under unsanitary conditions dat wud endanger additional lives.

Well, not even the most radical feminist wud find it ok to tear apart a recently born baby jus cos it is not wanted by its mother.

I dnt support legalization but I think it shud b legalized and let women make their own choices.

Ndu Bojelo: whether legal or not pple are doing it , worse stil in an unsafe enviroment, women are dyin of sepsis nd bleedin, so why not legalise it, so that it can b done safely, those with money cros bordes to do it,

Taliah Motse it’s not just her body. There is an innocent human life growin in there. nyaa, dnt legalise it.

Chingani Makgaba Looking at the statistics we better accept we have a problem in preventing pregnancy, I think its high tym we legalise it!

It doesn’t make sense in labelling things when we continue to lose so many young ladies.

This is simple maths, it’s better to lose a person than both at the same tym! Guys ppl r dying bcoz of this abortion!

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