Suspected Shashe river murderers granted bail

It was a dramatic morning as dozens of families and friends of the murdered Collet Aaron, 42, wept bitterly on Monday as his suspected killers were granted bail.

The duo of Taboka Makobo, 28, from Dukwi village and 36-year-old Given Lesh Ntaisi from Shashemooke were granted bail by Magistrate Kaveri Kapeko following their incarceration last week.

The state alleges that the unemployed Makobo and Ntaise murdered Aaron on the 10th of January this year and dumped his body along the Shashe River bank.

Before his untimely demise, Aaron apparently went into a business deal with Makobo and even made a down payment of P20, 000 and was only waiting for the deal to be formalised.

Prosecutor Sub inspector Kenneth Edward pleaded with the court to remand the accused in custody, for fear that relatives of the deceased may attempt to harm him.

“Investigations on the matter are almost complete, what is left is postmortem reports after which we will send the matter to the DPP for assessment of evidence,” said Edward.

Makobo was represented by Oratile Koonne while Ntaisi had no legal representation.

Koone pleaded with the court to grant his client bail as he was not a risk flight.

“It appears the only ground to deny the accused bail is safety,which is not enough reason to deny someone bail. What is of paramount importance is whether the accused can appear in court as required. The prosecution has not said the accused can abscond from court when granted bail. He said investigations are almost complete so there is no how the accused can temper with the investigations,” argued Koonne.

Ntaisi also asked to be granted bail as he is asthmatic and feared that overcrowded prison, coupled with non-stop smoking will be too much for him.

Granting the two bail, Magistrate Kapeko said that the accused should not interfere with state witnesses.

The accused were also ordered to pay P1, 000 and to each find a Motswana surety for P1, 000 as well as report themselves to Tonota police station every Tuesday and not be a suspect in any offence.

The accused will be back in court on the 27th of February this year.

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