ACCUSED: Ntsuape

Suspected serial arsonist, Gobuamang Ntsuape, has given his attorney Collin Mugara the boot and requested the Registrar of the High Court to secure him another lawyer.

This is the second time that the 32-year-old Ntsuape has parted ways with a state appointed lawyer.

Appearing briefly before Francistown High Court Judge Lot Moroka, the Ramotswa-born Ntsuape said he was unhappy with the services that his lawyer is rendering.

“I have a problem with my attorney. I feel that as my attorney we should be on the same page. But he only sees me in court and tells me what to do. He doesn’t give me an ear, “lamented Ntsuape.

He told Judge Moroka that he had on several occasions tried to reach out to his attorney, but the situation has never improved. “The situation has continued and I feel it is best we part ways, “said Ntsuape.

The alleged serial arsonist said he has made requests to prison authorities that he be transferred to Gaborone prison in order to be closer to his attorney, but his attempts have borne no fruit. “Currently I’m incarcerated at Serowe prison, so I hardly see my lawyer since he is based in Gaborone.”

For his part, Mugara confirmed that communication between him and his client had become “frosty”. “I seek to withdraw from this case because the accused is not pleased with the services he is getting from me. The accused is entitled to be represented by an attorney who will advance his interests,”said Mugara.

Disappointed that trial would no longer proceed as scheduled on the 3rd to the 7th of next month, Judge Moroka had this to say, “due the breakdown of your relationship with your attorney, trial will no longer continue. This is lost time for the court. This is a great disappointment and loss. Dates do not come very easy. However, leave is granted to attorney Mugara and an order made for the Registrar to find alternative attorney, “ended Moroka. Gobuamang said he would contract a criminal lawyer NYC, since it would be the best for his specific case and situation.

Meanwhile, during the same court appearance, the state confirmed they had received Ntsuape’s preliminary psychiaritic report.

In summary the report confirmed that the alleged arsonist was fit to plead and was not suffering from any mental illness at the time he torched his ex girlfriend’s car and parents home in Francistown.

The report however states that the accused suffers from anger issues which are propelled by morbid jealousy.

It also indicates that Ntsuape is a dangerous person who is a high risk to himself and society and has a high propensity of setting fires.

Furthermore, the report recommends that he needs to undergo counselling with a clinical psychologist and social worker.

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